The People’s Trust- this is only just the beginning

This will be just a short post – sort of a teaser, if you will, to the main article that I need to write as it’s knocking on my head.

I have spoken to Heather from The People’s Trust twice today for extended periods of time, and I will most likely be talking to her again in a little while.  We have only just scratched the surface.

Heather and The People’s Trust are the real deal.

The People’s Trust does not negate the St Germaine trust, the Wanta money, the World Global Settlements, the global collateral accounts or any other funds- it has safe guarded it all for the people of Earth.

I have a brain that is spiralling in a vortex of unbelievable speed and is trying to get all the pieces put into place, but holy shit, I’m almost overwhelmed with what I’ve learned today- not just from Heather, but from my own higher consciousness.

…. it has been pointed out to me that I have a role to play in this.  Now I just have to figure out (or remember) what that role is.

I Will be talking to Heather again in a short while, along with AK and Brian and Kauilapele. More to come later tonight my friends!

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    • That is so weird Anon 12:25, I was getting goose bumps reading this latest update. It’s so exciting!

    • Happy New Years everyone. I just wanted to ask this question regarding OPC (Operation Compassion) and the global reset. We both know that countries that are looking to trade internationally must comply and adhere to the Basel III Laws using hard backed currencies contingent upon the new US Treasury Notes that is backed by gold. And reading American Kabuki’s blog I ran across an article pertaining to at least two hundred and twenty-five (225) countries with new UN (United Nations) currency exchange rates that went into effect on 12/31/12. On top of that a relative article by Carol A. Parker posted on 10-2012-14 3 months prior to the return of the gold standard she reported to happen on January 1st 2013 her saying that back in October that ”this isn’t uncertainty”. Banks in major economies across the world have actually currently adopted the rules. In anticipation, central banks have actually been getting gold in big volumes. Turkey added 3.9 million ounces in the last year.

      Mexico has bought 3.2 million ounces. Russia’s reserves stand at 29.2 million ounces – the highest in 20 years. As they prepare for gold to become currency as soon as again, the cost of the yellow metal will certainly continue to go up. Experts are forecasting gold to rise to between $ 10,000 and $ 14,000 per ounce. Make sure you’re prepared for the biggest economic change – and profit windfall -. It seems to me that the global reset has happened to some major extent, am I wrong? Because here’s what John Mchaffie also said… For The Record folks ——-

      When the RV actually happens and the initial funds come in, OPC WILL be off like a flash.

      The 10K BUG ME gifts WILL be out first followed by the HOT DIRE STRAITS and DIRE STRAITS.

      The OPC site(s) WILL be activated and our Wonderful Angels Will be distributing the blessings.

      Donors (from the PP) who have expressed interest WILL be contacted and names WILL be provided to them.

      This has been the wildest roller coaster in my 65 years. I be so glad to get off!

      December 2012, Agus Marto Start So Socialize Rp 1,000 to Rp 1 Friday, 30/11/2012 17:59 PM
      Jakarta – Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo will disseminate the currency redenomination, or three zero reduction in dollars without reducing its value, from December 2012 to March 2013to all corners of Indonesia….”If there will be a simplification of the value of the rupiah, does not affect the purchasing power.…us-marto-mulai

      Just to name a few. So the gist at what I am getting at is that OPC (Operation Compassion) was anticipating this very thing to give robust and a firm backing to the PP’S (Prosperity Packages) since it is now supported by the ever increasing gold reserves that even Iraq trippled in such a short time. So what else do you think they are waiting for to get this thing going? I mean 225 countries have now based there currenc on the US Treasury Notes that are backed by gold and not the fiat Federal Reserve Notes. So is it safe to say that we have rv’ed?

    • will they not have any choice but to tell the people the truth because people will be filing taxes? I am trying to figure this out. Does the irs still exist?

  1. Yay! …claps hands wildly… I was running out of crayons ;-)

    Cheers and the Happiest of New Years to one and all!

    :-) Crow

  2. hopefully an update to follow from the SGT….???

    happy new year all! let’s create it big time.
    anyone up for a group meditation this evening?

    • Yeah let’s meditate on the new car that I will finally be able to buy after the funds have been sent to me.

      My rust bucket is on its last “legs”

    • I’ve just been out in the cold to look up at the beautiful, clear sky, to attempt to identify the sparklies there…I did well. Orion’s belt, Jupiter, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Gemini & Sirius. Lots of fun learning to identify the twinklers and the lighted orbs.


      S in Europe.

      When the light(s) hit your eye, big love download of photons.

    • I just use my legs. Watch all the “fast people” rush to stand in line. All the “busy people” honking and being rude to each other as they pour the toxins into the air. They all look at me like i am nuts. So strange how they all ZOOM from one stop light to the next and force people like me to wait until they are all finished before being allowed to cross a street. Such is life. Much better than starving though. I have a roof over my head. I don’t need to sleep down by the river or eat at the missions. But i think i would prefer to wait until i see the hungry fed before worrying about a car for myself. Your mileage might vary.


    • @ sine metu:
      I am driving a rust bucket cuz I donate so much….come on over and try on my moccasins
      live and let live
      stop judging

    • Good idea Anonymous in Europe and Sine Metu – gonna use my legs, have myself a pleasant stroll while I look up at the “Blue blue windows behind the stars”

      We should have intersting things to talk about later. Bye – bye.

    • re: Anonymous1 January 2013 13:11

      per: “stop judging”

      My post only states truth about what i see every day in fact, witnessed personally by me. Fast people move fast relative to my walking. “Busy people” are very busy being rude to one another. I see this with my own eyes, and i report what i see. I state an opinion that is strange to me regarding their use of energy. Then I mentioned why i am thankful for what i have. And then i stated my preference about whom i care about more; the choice between my own needs and those i see around me personally. The only mention directed to “you” and intended “at large” and in general is that people are different, and it is made with a touch of grammatical jest with the simile “mileage”.

      Perhaps you should read your words more carefully so they are substantiated with facts, yes? :)

      Without prejudice,

      Sine Metu

    • to be fair…it did sound judgmental…please surprise & just let it go, both of you…one does not always need to be right

    • it all depends on your perspective, right? for example, if our car broke down right now, we’d be in serious trouble as we’d have no money to fix it, and without a car no way for getting to work, meaning no way to earn enough money to feed the family- which would then put us among the hungry. perspective is important.

      peace my friends

    • If you decide that it’s trouble then it would be trouble. If you decide it’s a signal to quit your job, then it’s a signal. Perspective is only a matter of your focus. Your focus is what controls the energy of your will. If you continue to think about the future this way, then yes, you have made your own box.

      Free Will is about choices some say. Others know Free Will is like an unbridled horse.

  3. I left my cushie family business job on June 30, 2003, knowing I needed to be true to the urgings of my heart and the “knowing” that my life was intended to help birth a New Earth. It’s been quite a ride….no job, no regular income, no government aid….just “craazy” faith that my heart knows the path and my brain just needs to take a breather and learn to trust. Well, the pieces are coming together as my consciousness has risen to meet the challenge. This recent news from Heather has brought many tears of joy to my eyes. IT’S TIME!!!


    • New Wings, That was exactly my response when I read the first announcement. I broke down sobbing in gratitude, relief and AWE at what they had accomplished. I do not know if anybody besides me noticed the poetic justice to the dates of filing. April 1st and July 4th and the announcement on December 25, a Christmas gift to the world. I was compelled to immediately write to all 3 of the Trustee’s sending them my gratitude and thanks. It ended up posted with the response I received from Heather on the AK website under Peoples Trust Q & A.

    • Thanks you so much, NewWings! I highered myself today because of your inspirational post, so now i am working again. ( grins )

      YES SERIOUSLY… your one post was the tipping point in all the thinking about things i do in my life these days. YOUR POST was THE SINGLE LITTLE particle of dust that landed on the camel’s back on just that side.

      You have helped save a life, NewWings!

      I say so in truth.

    • Sine Metu, Bless you, Dear One! We need YOU! There is no one who carries the unique treasure of the Divine that you carry. Embrace yourself fully and trust your Inner Being. Here is a beautiful interview of Panache Desai that really touched my heart a few days ago. Perhaps it will encourage you as well.

      You are loved!

    • NewWings well there are lot’s things opening up. I can really feel the energy all over struggling with multiple jobs and a exhausted wife due to work with lot’s of stress. I’m fighting at several fronts got to keep the work I actually have (large re-organization coming with political motives .. huh)and fighting to be cut loose from this illusional depth system we have.. I sent a bunch of question to the TOPPT so I can start to take action..!

      Love you all…

  4. Good. I keep late hours so I’ll be around. Hmmmm….. I have tea. Maybe I should bake a double batch of brownies…..

    Wandering Fire

  5. Thanks so much D… this is just what my sorry self needed to bring me out of the “is anything ever going to happen” funk. We all know there is an amazing future out there for us, but sometimes the lack of anything concrete (or even cardboard) plus the vast amounts of publicized mayhem and public ignorance just gets overwhelming. So what you do here is so important to help us through those spots, and that really hit home for me now. Much appreciation, dear…

  6. I have concerns about the Cobra connection with AK. Would be interested to know your views BTS (D) Thanks.

    Sine Nomine

    • Hey…just chiming in here on what I think about Cobra. Bottom Line for me is that I can make no judgement where he is concerned. He is simply dealing in another realm of this whole thing and I do not have the knowledge to know if he is real or not. There have certainly been many delays with the RM as with other factions. Just when you think the Archons are clear there are more floating around! So yes I have more doubt about him than in the past, but like I said I just don’t know.

      I try to read other info so I am informed and somewhat ready if some of it comes to pass. At this point in time I am most at home here on RTS as I have no doubt that D. is working hard to get to the bottom of all of this as a real person.

      Enerchi also seems to be trying to do good work, but I only read the Posts now as many of the followers on that site are just there to criticize without backing up their objections.

      I have no doubts about AK either. AK is definitely working from a place of Love and Light. He investigates, reports and offers an opinion. Each one of us can choose to agree or disagree with the info, but I do not doubt his positive intent.

    • Well said Christopher, I share your home of RTS but follow AK (Brian) as I believe the same. The rest of them I rarely, if ever frequent anymore. Everyone that has gathered at this blog IMO, is Broadcasting at the same frequency. We all seem to have very sensitive bullshit detectors too. This blog has become a global broadcast magnet for all who are awakening or have awakened and are in sync with the frequency radiating from it. It has drawn some of the most remarkable and intelligent people from EVERYWHERE! I LOVE THIS BLOG!

    • And those people with the very sensitive bullshit detectors, who also pat themselves on the back for their remarkable intelligence have been proven wrong as well. It’s called karmic justice.

    • anon17:48,
      Just curious and you may be correct but which skeptic was proven wrong? So far I haven’t seen it.

    • anon 17:57
      There are many paths and many truths. The heart and mind brings you to exactly where you need to be. One size does not fit all on the road to enlightenment. No judgements or self-righteousness on the topic of other peoples’ paths, eh? If someone thinks they know it all, the Universe will smack them down in an instant, if they are aware enough to notice it.

    • Anon17:57
      Just curious if you’ve seen any ‘proof’ of the skeptics being proven right ? If so, please share it. Thank you.

    • Yes anon 18:43,
      I saw the skeptics were right every time when these attention and name harvesting whores kept giving dates like 12/12 and 12/21 for all this ascension BS which never happened. Mass arrests never happened, the cabal is stronger than ever, even more countries are being invaded for resources and now we are being forced to pay insurance companies that take our money but do not insure anything. So far the skeptics are batting 100 and the ascension BSers have struck out.

    • Thanks for your imput guys. I would like BTS (D)’s take on it though please. And I think Canauzzie would too – see below vvv.
      thanks in advance

      Sine Nomine

      Sine Nomine

    • Good morning my lovely friend Sine Nomine. Here is what I think. I do not know Cobra and have never conversed with him- therefore I withhold judgement. Yes, some things that he has stated do not resonate with me, but then I have never 100% resonated with anyone as we all have our own inner truth and perspective. As I said to AK last night, We are all on a path, and sometimes one persons path is narrower, thereby excluding some things from their perspective- this doesn’t mean that that person is wrong, it just means that they don’t see things from your perspective. cobra is strongly focused on one path, I am strongly focused on another path. That doesn’t mean that he’s wrong or I’m wrong, it just means that our perspective is different.

    • This is how I view Cobra, Like D says some of his info does not resonate with me and some does. The thing about Cobra is he has never given any exact dates telling us things will happen on this date and his info is still yet to be proven or dis-proven so no one really knows for sure.

    • BTS (D) Thank you for replying! Good answer I feel the same way. We all have our little ‘eccentricities’ imo – its what makes us interesting lol! Just thought it needed putting out there to offset the naysayers with a bit of critical thinking from the lady of the blog ;-) Loadsa love coming atcha! :D

      Sine Nomine

    • I’m completely with D on this one with Cobra, some things comming from that direction resonates and sites well other thing don’t. For instance his last post about the Archons and that they still hav billions of reptoids, dracos whatever did not at all hit the string for me.
      My sense is that the energy is quiet opposite now from a human collective point of view. We are gathering real momentum! <3

    • Read the article. This is not about new funds. It’s about existing money bypassing fraudulent middlemen. Then comes the catch. Along with the program, each human resource will be fingerprited, retina scanned, and assigned an official ID number so that they can be better controlled, much like livestock. More tightening of the Cabal.

    • If this is a requirement to get any PP, I probably will pass. Alot of people think those PP funds are from the cabal and it comes full of strings attached.

    • this has nothing to do with the PPs.

      I will say this though. In a country like India (which I have visited) where there is a vast majority of the population that have never been counted, never been official acknowledged, don’t have birth certificates or health cards an no means to get a drivers licence or passport…. how else do you get money into the hands of the people? I mean, if you live on a tiny square of dirt that is the same square of dirt that your parents slept on, chances are that you don’t even have a place to safely store a bank card- but you have your fingers and your eyes. I’m not even remotely saying that this ID’ing of the population is NOT the work of the cabal, BUT…. if you’re trying to get money into the hands of the people, then it’s definitely a better way than mailing out cheques- pieces of dirt don’t have addresses. Can you thnk of a better way to get money into the hands of those that desperately need it? I can’t.

    • BTS,
      Frankly I am astounded at the way that you justify this crap. You have a bank account and drivers license but do you really think that fingerprints, retina scans and a national ID are necessary for you to have those things? Pieces of dirt don’t have addresses? You spout pure lunacy. When i see idiotic statements like yours, I immediately think you are a Cabal agent.

    • @ Anonymous2 January 2013 06:48
      “When i see idiotic statements like yours, I immediately think you are a Cabal agent.”


      Little bit of the pot calling the kettle “black” I see. Or, as we used to say in elementary school (because this seems elementary to me), “Takes one to know one.”

      Wow, dude, that was a way obvious move. You gotta get more slick than that if you are going to play that kind of game, lol.

      Have you ever even lived in or visited a developing nation? Have you got a clue? I’m not saying that biometrics may not have some shenanigans behind it, but I can vouch for BTS with what she is getting at, and any intelligent person who is world-traveled and seen these conditions with their own eyes could understand what she is getting at.

      Talk about lunacy, dude (or dudette, but your vibe is a “dude”).

    • Anon@06:48 ditto ^ what she just said AND to this phrase of yours “I immediately think you are a Cabal agent.” Look in the mirror baby! Love yourself then you can love others.

    • to anon 6:48… buhahahhahahahahahahah and THAT myfriend, just underlines your misunderstanding of the issue at hand. are you refuting that a piece of dirt doesn’t have an address? are you refuting the fact that these people have bank accounts and drivers licences? if you are, then you know absolutely nothing of India and the Caste system and the untouchables that make up the vast portion of the over 400 million living in abject poverty. I lived in SE Asia and in Africa in the Congo for years. Have you? When you have knowledge of the living situation in areas like this, come back and talk to me.

      Sorry, don’t mean to loose my cool my friends, but one of the things that makes my blood boil is people who have NO FREAKING IDEA what life is like in places like India, coming in with their high and mighty I know everything and you’re a moron to go against what I say attitudes.

      I HAVE been there. I HAVE done that. I have LIVED that.

    • I lived in Korea for two years in the 70s and recently returned. They are now light years advanced past then and somehow did it all without retina scans, fingerprinting and national ID cards. Those things are tools of the Cabal and would never be accepted by a free person.
      I don’t give a rats gluteus maximus where you have lived BTS. You spout disinfo continuously. I only came here following another link but once started reading obvious lies, just had to warn people.

    • “I lived in SE Asia and in Africa in the Congo for years. Have you? “
      Sounds just like the typical duty assignments of a Cabal agent. May explain a lot of what i have read from you.

    • Exactly D, Can you imagine a patch of dirt with nothing but corrugated roofs, no addresses, no running water, 1 filthy dirty river nearby for DRINKING WATER, bathing, washing clothes, etc. Didn’t you ever see the movie City of Joy or Slumdog millionaire? Those conditions are the freaking NORM in most of India. You can NOT imagine how bad it is seriously. DO NOT VERBALLY ASSAULT THE BLOG OWNER! Instead open your mind, do some research and if you are big enough, come back and apologize for your insane statements. I wish you love anon, I wish the truth be revealed to you. Namaste

    • Kathy,
      What does a slum have to do with retina scans? We have millions of homeless here in the states and millions more living in slums not much better than a lean-to in India. Do you really think we need to retina scan and fingerprint these people? If you think so you must be ready for that for yourself. Why not just let the Gestapo put a permanent number on your arm like they used too? I am starting to think we must have some Nazis on this blog.
      I will never apologize for calling Bullshit what it is.

    • people without an address can’t get a bank account can they? people without ID can’t get a bank account can they? how does someone sleeping on a piece of dirt on the street keep a bank card safe even if they had a bank account? So how do you get money to the people? As I said, I don’t particularly like the idea of retina scans and finger prints- but how else can you insure that the money for these people is identified with them? No id, no address, no internet or phone connections, no safety or security that would/could insure that their money is not stolen….. How would YOU do it? how would YOU get the money to the people? THAT is the question. It’s easy to point out the (obvious) flaws in the plan, but much harder to come up with a better solution.
      I’m asking that as a serious question to anyone who wants to answer it, because I certainly don’t have an answer.

      anon 16:23, I’m sorry but I hugely disagree with you. The homelessness, and extreme poverty of North America is not even close to daily life for hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people in S and SE Asia. I’m not being snarky or rude, but until you’ve been there and lived amongst it, you cannot fathom the horrific nature of the deprivation, mass starvation and sickness of places like India, Burma, and central Africa.

      and I’m pretty damn sure that cabal agents don’t travel third class, sleep on dirt floors or eat rice and bugs. But you go with what ever theory you like my friend :>)

      As for the postman comments. Not once did I give a specific date, and I have said over and over again that the funds have not been released yet.

  7. I am excited for these changes to finally happen if not, no big deal! Humanity Will Prevail when the moment is right! Prosperity to the world. Happy New Year for all and Best Wishes to D! Thank you for keeping us updated!

    • I read the last 20 posts in your blog and most of the comments are from skeptics and critics. If changes don’t happen, it’s game over for humanity as I already know the cabal wants to wipe out more than 90% of humanity.

  8. My head is spiraling out as well! I went back to AK’s site to re-read and there is just so much info it is hard to digest all at once. Thank you D.for your efforts and investigation.

  9. I just read about the funds for India…of course it is wonderful if it can begin place when so many are in need but retina scans? fingerprints? This just doesn’t sit well with me. I also humbly acknowledge I have no idea how it is best to proceed.Dawnb.

  10. Happy New Year, D! And Thank you for the update !
    I wanted to point out that when I was reading the Announcements and Q&A with Heather that AK posted, I felt a different energy within the words. Hard to describe, just strange and exciting!

    • I felt it too. This might sound crazy but it was almost like being underwater, but out in space simultaneously lol There’s a sort of magnetic pull or vacuous suction. Extraterrestrial? There’s intensely intricate and pristine clarity of consciousness. Idk, it just feels very different. I hope it’s positive. I want to believe!

    • I have always said, words have power. I try to choose my words carefully because of the power that they carry. Think about that article I posted a few days ago about the russian studies on DNA, and that the linguists said that words directly effect our DNA…

      …. if you really want the full impact of what you are reading, read it out loud. Not only does it help me focus on the words, it is as if the world generate a positive charge all their own.

  11. How do you know they are the real deal?

    Did they show you the documentation that proves the existence of the money and their authorisation to act as trustees?

    Who where the signatories for this money?


    • If you take the time to read the actual UCC statutes used to successfully file the paperwork, and get legal and enforceable declarations/orders you will get clarity. Time consuming, yes, but if you want an ABSOLUTE validation, it is necessary

    • Anon 15:00- it’s not that they are now trustees of the money. They are not trustees of any money. But their actions have ensured that the money in many funds and trusts- such as the SGT, WGS, Wanta funds, the collateral accounts, are now safe, cannot be stolen or used by the cabal, and are for the people.

      as Kathy said, read everything, and you’ll have a lot more understanding

      light to you my friend

  12. Thank you so much for the update! I read the everything on the People’s Trust Website and I am thankful for your confirmation on what I FELT about it! Life is truly amazing. Thank you for the work all of you do to help us put the proper pieces together.

    On a side note, has ANYONE HAD ANY STRANGE OBSERVATIONS OF TIME lately? Depending on my intent, situations can drag on or zip by the last few days. Has anyone experienced this? I REALLY noticed it at work where I have the ability to observe deadlines, schedules, and awakened VS JUST AWAKENING individuals.

    Please share….NAMASTE!

  13. Guys don’t get excited until you see some TANGIBLE evidence. I used to get excited of December 21st 2012, RV, Freedom Club USA, and other events and ventures that were supposed to happen.

    Guess what?

    NOTHING has happened YET!

    I’m still hopeful that something positive will happen for us one day, but from now on I’m staying super grounded. Too much BS and disinformation out there.

    I will stay on planet earth from now on, because I don’t want to crash as fast and hard as the Roswell flying disk of 1947.

    • Yup! I told myself that if nothing happened in 2012, I will need hard evidence to believe it. There’s so much disinfo out there that all I will do is keep an open mind but need proof to believe.

    • That is why although I live in a third world country I don’t expect too much about this pps programs, if you can visit Tolec of the he didn’t mention about this pps programs all he was saying is about our ascension/transformation/evolution from 3D to 4D and some pockets of 5D, fifth dimensional vibration of existence on our new 4D Earth and this will officially commence on early January 2014.

    • re: Anonymous1 January 2013 15:39

      There is already enough credible evidence in writing and filed and registered with the Uniform Commercial Code, worldwide, that’s a fact.

      If you are poor and you are starving then you should be first served, that’s my opinion. It just makes plain obvious sense that those that need the most need it fast. You paid your dues, everyone else can wait. Make sense? Again… just my opinion.

      And the children are the most of us. Right?
      And the children are the most innocent of us, Right?

      So, rather than regret old mistakes, you know… maybe its just me, but…
      I am doing whatever i can to help speed the process up so them hungry children can be helped with whatever they need.

      There will be nothing more beautiful than half a world of smiling children running around making everyone else cry with gratitude. if you want gold, then that’s up to you. I want happiness. Gold is just another middleman, you know?


    • Doesn’t “promise” mean “I’m lying” according to the chart Political Language Explained? I jest and just couldn’t help myself. *Goes and sits on the naughty step.*

  14. If everyone on this planet is a billionaire how will the world function?

    It can’t!

    Unless we have millions of smart and state of the art robots, free energy devices, duplicators that can duplicate anything in a matter of seconds, spacecraft etc that type of model will not work.

    We are decades or centuries away from that type of reality.

    NESARA makes sense and I think it is real and will happen someday, but this people trust thing is a pure fantasy. Sorry to burst people’s bubble.

    • It will be a gradual process. The amount of help we will have is nothing short of MIRACULOUS. IMO we are nearly at the tipping point of the 100th monkey syndrome. Once that happens It is my belief everything will unfold like clockwork. I have intuited that the 100th monkey is the “GO” button

    • We’re waiting for the Mass Awakening, so that everyone has a chance to exercise their Divine Right of freewill from a fully conscious perspective. For this to be broadcast right now globally by MSM would create mass panic and chaos. Not a good thing. This is going to be a joyful & happy manifestation of universal agreement and consciousness. For now just live the chance you want to see

    • “…how will the world function?…”

      There are those amongst us that cannot fathom that without somebody of lower rank, or far reduced financial standing who is needy enough to serve those of higher rank or far increased financial standing the world cannot function.

      If I were one such who felt the need to have others ‘serve’ me whilst I sat back with my feet up, I would be quite concerned about the idea of EVER SINGLE PERSON on the planet being made financially independent.

      However, as I’m not one such, I rather sense the bliss that must arise when the scenario in which we are all financially independent comes to pass (or some other scenario that levels the financial playing field).

      Those who are wise will simply understand there is still much to do and much to arrange, on many levels of life, incl. to provide food, shelter, clothing, etc. Those of us who love to garden, raise animals, cook, teach, paint, design, clean or fiddle with bits of cogs and wheels and nuts and bolts will still do those things, but this time for the JOY of it, not for the financial incentive that used to arrive in the form of payment/wages/salaries.

      Those with occupations that (for whatever reason) cease to exist or perhaps made them plain miserable will most likely turn to their much-loved hobbies and leisure interests using those skills to contribute, or perhaps they will go to learn a new skill which interests them, and allows them to contribute – to contribute to the society – to the group – to the planet – with JOY and satisfaction.

      When MONEY is NO OBJECT, MONEY shall no longer be THE



      S in Europe

    • ‘If everyone on this planet is a billionaire how will the world function?’

      The world will function by everyone doing their fair share of work that matters. Not by those at the bottom of society doing the most important jobs and getting the most exploited. Not by having a huge percentage of society doing jobs that are not necessary but are designed to artificially prop up this system of enslavement. If food stopped being produced, people who normally wouldn’t do this type of work (disabled or elderly people excluded) would quickly roll up their sleeves and start producing food. A new equilibrium would be reached with time. Let’s not forget the huge impact that released technologies will have.

      The less workers there are willing to do a job, the more the workers get paid to do it. And if the price is right, there will always be people willing to do a tough job, including all of the current jobs that help us to survive and are legitimate. It’s the people who are doing jobs that don’t really make a difference or don’t produce value (such as making money with the single goal of making money) that should worry about wealth redistribution.

    • Anonymous 1548,

      You’re exactly right, but if this thing is real, a highly technologically advanced civilization is where this is headed. That’s why Poof often alludes to the Jetsons and advises readers to hold on to there hats. The money redistribution will serve as symbolic of equality of people in language they can understand and of the foreclosure of the system we’ve had for thousands of years.

      The World in economic terms as we know it could not function very long with this sudden imput of capital as you point out, but the implication seems to be that it would not need to for very long either. It ties in with what Sheldon Nidle has been publishing for years and Heather Jarraf also makes a connection with his work in one of the emails.

      So we seem to be looking at a great equalization of conceptual wealth as we recognize it, pumping these monies into projects to raise and equalize the quality of life in real terms for the downtrodden and into creative ventures.
      This would take place within our 3d networks, structures and institutions as they stand while at the same time upgrading them or gradually phasing them out altogether.

      Somewhere along this path of human activity, as certain disclosures are happening in said environment the introduction of other-worldly beings will be made and as it is needed and is ready to be recieved the technologies that come with them, as you also mentioned. At this point money will become irrelevant and the new currency will be love, the delivery system for it faith, and the initial leaping of it from both sides of the curtain.

      I would put the caveat that it will be baby steps at first as a people, like the souls who survived concentration camps, cannot be fed a feast having been starved for so long. So it would be a measured out by how much people can individually and collectively digest at a give time in a sequental process underpinned with alot of compassion and hard work.

      I would also add a further caveat that once a critical mass of acclimatization is reached, gradual evolution could go exponential as the technology already exists, when we become responcible enough to use it, that would normally take decades and centuries to develop.

      Sounds like a plan to me – stranger things have happened, I think I just saw a hooven, snouted, creature with a curly wee tail fly past my window.

    • ^^^Good points S. and anonymous ^^^I second you guys. We have to believe in something better until we know better right?

    • I have never believed in love and now that I am awake, I can see why. My best hope for love is advanced computer AI that can simulate love. As for awakenings, it doesn’t seem that any more will awaken. Those who aren’t going to awake just won’t in their lifetimes.

    • re: Anonymous1 January 2013 15:48

      per: “If everyone on this planet is a billionaire how will the world function?”

      Hmmm, good question. Hows about we make a deal? You work for gold, and i will work for everyone’s happiness. Race you to the end. Ready? GO!


    • Free energy, advanced scientific methods, advanced inventions- many that are beyond the average persons comprehension (a la Star Trek) are all a reality. When the world realizes they are free to leave the cell they have lived in for millennia, these things are all waiting. How will the world function? It will function as many other worlds function- just fine. In my opinion: if everyone has all the money they could ever want, then money ceases to be the object that everyone strives for- it becomes meaningless.

    • Where is the free energy BTS? Can you show one single example that has not already been proven to be another scam? You just made the statement that this is a reality. Show me some proof for once other than empty words. And no, channelers and daydreamers do not count as evidence.

    • Go do some research for yourself anon 06:53, there’s a good chap! All the sekrit stuff the govt has in the cupboard. Then be prepared to eat a large hunk of ‘umble pie, my precious.

    • No BTS, you made the claim above that free energy existed now. Show me the proof. That is all i asked. You are the one who claimed that free energy IS a reality so let’s see it. Or is as much BS as your claim that a postman was going to be dropping packages of money on every porch?

    • Just as i thought. Another cop out. The “do your research” phrase after you have been caught in another lie. The “research” fails and there may yet be something out there but i can not find anything yet. Even if Tesla tech can provide this, it still takes a receiver and processor in the house. How is that free? Something that cost $100 bucks in 1910 would cost 10,000 today because of all the counterfeiting that the Fed has done for years. If you know of something lets here it, otherwise making these claims is just outright irresponsible disinfo.


      There’s 4 links that I happen to have on hand in my favourites.

      My father has worked in the “green” energy field for over 20 years. What the US (and Canadian) government pass off as “green” is a crock and made to be defunct and useless.

      - how about a wind turbine that produces 100 times what any standing wind turbine in the US puts out right now?

      - how about a waste reclamation plant, that completely sorts all garbage, processes each type separately, has zero emissions and produces enough electricity while doing all of this to not only run itself, but power 1000 homes on top of that daily?

      - How about desalination plants that run on wind and solar energy alone, and again generate excess electricity that can run other factories or residential areas?

      These are all available RIGHT NOW…. yet the American and Canadian Government will not allow them in their markets.

      “Free” energy systems is a passion of mine and runs in the family, so if you think you can get pushy with me, pick another subject my friend.

    • Anonymous,

      I hear your frustration but don’t take it out on someone who really doesn’t deserve it. Exercise your own grey matter a little bit first……….
      “Something that cost $100 bucks in 1910 would cost 10,000 today.” A disingenuous statement there Anonymous, because of the advent and developement of mass production. Take for example the Ford motorcar which in 1910 cost $950 bucks. By 1926 it had a price tag of $290 because of production lines, eonomies of scale. The Fed was conterfeiting for the 16 years in between by the way so I think your overcharging for your reciever/processer just a tad.

      How about $3000-$3500 just for starters? And you don’t got to pay the meter? – now I’m getting interested. In the Ford example, another factor was the reduction of the cost of producing electricity to run the plant and machinery. We’re making energy production devices right? Electro-magnetic or cold fusion – Output to imput ratio increases ten fold , just for starters, early days, we’ll improve it as we go.

      Ok, $300 – $350, now that’s really starting to taste sweeter, and we don’t got to pay the meter? How big is the market for these things? Oh, only every home, every business, every office-block, school, public building , airport, train station, fire-house, jailhouse, arthouse, outhouse, doghouse, or whatever you’re havin’ yourself………………….in the whole world……I think we could get it down to $25.


  15. I am so tired of the negative. You get reading along and then, wham. Someone ruins it.

    • You can’t be reading negative. It’s 5D now and you are creating your own reality. In fact there isn’t any time now so why are each of these posts still reflecting time? BTW, the postman was just getting ready to leave your package at your door like BreakingShackles said when the big shift happened. He then realized that since you ascended, you didn’t need the money and he threw it in the nearest trash can. Enjoy 5D! Love&Light!


    • Well basically, BTS is busy trying to get all the “positive” people the SERIOUSLY LARGE amount of information they are all asking for, and besides, its pretty obvious that the seriously positive people have been well trained here all of their lives to live side by side with the negative. We are already free. If that is beyond your comprehension, then oh well. But why should BTS spend even one iota of energy for the negative that are only here to suck it off like a leach? We are being stingy with our happiness. You want some? Then start putting some out. Its really that simple.


    • Everyone has a Right to their personal view of things and has the Right to express their opinion. I created RTS to be a place where people can discuss their views both positive and negative. I respect those that come here with their negativity, because I understand that place that they are coming from, I empathise with them and the position and perspective they have. I will do all I can to help, to explain, to support and bolster every person who posts here- positive OR negative.

      But trolls need not apply. Hence I removed the comment above where someone decided to curse out everyone. Sorry, bad manners guy. I won’t shit in your livingroom, so don’t shit in mine.

      Please my friends, remember that everyone is at a different stage of their understanding and their journey. Do not judge someone who is in a negative space, do not judge someone who hasn’t yet begun to understand the changes that are happening. Do not judge someone who’s life and existence is different from your own.

      Yes we have a few trolls and a few paid disinformationists here, but the vast majority of those who’s posts might be considered “negative” are NOT in those categories. Have patience- everyone of us has been there, everyone of us has experienced the confusion of the journey. Be Gentle.

    • Anon 16:42

      This is not 5D yet sorry to burst your bubble. If we where in 5D our basic carbon based matter would no longer exist. At 5D vibratory level carbon based materials that make up everything around us will pretty much disentegrate.

    • brando, sorry that you did not recognize my sarcasm. Of course we are not 5D. it was all Bullshit and actually came from the Twilight Zone show. No shit!
      Rod Serling would describe the Twilight Zone as the fifth dimension, a place of imagination. That is probably where these con artists got the idea.

  16. I haven’t read it all yet but head on over to Sheldan Nidle’s update today just posted. Amazing!!!

    I’m just going back to read the rest of it but it seems to tie in with the People’s Trust. Oooohhhhh, so excited!!!!!!

    • He’s saying a mouthful!!!

      We return! A new epoch is dawning for humanity! Let us start with a brief description of what has happened so far. Our sacred secret allies, with the assistance of your Ascended Masters, have put into position a new financial system and begun to instruct various key individuals in the distribution of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system.

      Meanwhile, those who are to take up positions to replace old-order officials in the present de facto regimes are preparing the announcements which will transform your world ‘in the twinkling of an eye.’

      Further, the Light-oriented military and militia groups are poised to complete a legal putsch that will put a series of new, de jure governments into power. Once done, the announcements will be broadcast and the six major components of NESARA will become the law of the land.

      Initially these acts will: restore the Constitution; ensure the establishment of common law; and institute the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies worldwide. These will be the monies activating the new banking system and establishing global prosperity.

    • Yeah, a mouthful of BS and everything he says here was supposed to have already been in place months ago. Meanwhile the Fed is diluting your purchasing power on a daily basis in the US, the same as if they were robbing you everyday while you toil.

    • Babycakes, yes it does! I’ve been reading a few different blogs some resonate, others don’t yet there has really been synchronicity in a lot recently. It seems it’s all happening, or rather about to and I’m sooooo glad I finally found a blog that I enjoy not only reading but participating in too. Many a time I’ve sat back and read, but this blog seems to draw me out of myself and even the nay sayers can’t stop me, lol. Reading Sheldan and being here really has great vibes.

    • I have never read Nidle….but I read this one….not to be negative but I am curious about this…

      “This is why this metamorphosis requires a qualified mentor as well as specific technologies.”

      If ascension is a natural process….with earth and us….what do we need the ascended masters for….sure it is nice to have someone who knows what is going on to assist…but the use of “technologies” in what is supposed to be a natural process does not resonate with me….actually makes me uncomfortable with the idea…

    • I often wondered that too canauzzie….how do those two things fit together? And the “light chamber” too. Is not the universe already supposed to be a light chamber?

    • Agreed, we should not need the Ascension Chambers. I FEEL my vibrations raising within my body on a daily basis. Some days it is stronger than others. I started feeling it about 14 months ago and sometimes it would almost be more than I could take all at once. Sometimes I would say out loud, “this is too much, I can’t take anymore right now” and it would tone down. Now, I am aware of the increased vibrations and roll with it, but I have also learned how to control it on my own when it is too intense. However, I do try to take as much of it as I can, even if a little bit uncomfortable, so I achieve as many crystalline cells as I can, as quickly as possible.
      The Ascension Chambers as described in the Ascended Masters book series by Godfre Ray King, specifically the book The Magic Presence, was needed back in the 1930′s when King first encountered Saint Germain. The reason being, in the 1930′s, this earth was far from being ready to move into another dimension. So, in order for a person to ascend, their body had to be made ready (made crystalline) via the Ascension Chamber.
      Now, with Gaia ascending, there is no need for these chambers. Our vibration is rising naturally along with Mother Earth. It is and should be totally natural at this point.
      Those holding onto the old idea of the Ascension Chamber, do make me question if they are actually receiving this information or just reaching their own conclusion as to what they read in the past. Therefore, I must question the validity of the channel. One would think if the channel was genuine, they would have been given the proper information as it applies today.

    • The answer is… because there are infinite levels of ascension. Did you think it was only 2? heaven and hell? did you think it was only 3d 4d 5d? Show me one thing in nature that the scientists have found the end of, please. :D

      So… regardless where your “level” is… you will certainly want a little Q & A from somebody you can REALLY TRUST inside, you know? Then these questions you have will be you know… all looked after as it pleases you.

      Trust yourself. :D

    • “…we should not need the Ascension Chambers…”

      Speaking for myself ONLY…

      Ascension Chambers, my arse! I’d be just as likely to step into a lift (elevator) with a known cannibal who had just been on a six week diet consisting of peeled grapes and Parrot poop soup!

      S in Europe.

    • I don’t read channelled messages (any more- not for months and months), but when i get told by someone very high up to read a certain “channeller”…. I listen.

      Not all channelled messages are “Channelled”- and some parts of the message are being put out there for a reason.

      Just sayin’

    • I had a link to a defunkt.
      The forum was a kind of business site for ‘lightworkers’ to improve their business practices…..I have lost the link at the moment but I am going to see if I can relocate it.

      The site was up and running about two years ago and Sheldans Channeling is almost the same……
      I also dont want any heirarchial situation anymore so the idea of the Ascended MASTERS is a no-no to me.

      He is just the same as Salusa..who was announcing all the wonders of the age on 21st Dec and then announced he would be back in a week or so???? Taking the holidays at the most amazing moment in mans history!!!!
      I would have been channeling live for the week.

      There are a bunch of folk who have a status thing going on.
      They are not all ‘chanellers’ most are ‘investigative reporters’ They vet each other and new members of their heirarchies by stating that they have sources who they rely on to weed out the liars.
      They will cling on to their celebrity for as long as they can…and they pop up all over the place.
      Salusa,Nidle,projects Camelot and Avalon,Wilcox and you can all guess the rest of the gang…
      They set up ‘conferences’ where they allow the ‘punters’ to pay the hotel and holidaying costs so they can back each other up and repeat and repeat the anecdotes which dont belong to them….they jump on others agendas and promote them as their own,and when the shit hits the fan,they scurry away and keep quiet until the next sensational event or story appears.

      They are all pushing the dimensional agenda while at the same time not pushing it.

      I do feel that there were changes in the air on the week 12th to the 21st ,but none of these snake oil salespersons are no wiser than the rest of us.
      lots of love to everyone.

    • As far as light chambers and ascension go, if you read Dolores Canon. She is one of the pioneers and the first people to talk about the changes and the raising of vibrations to go into a new dimension. When she tells the story she states that because of the situation on earth and the detonation of nuclear weapons on our surface that a group of aliens decided that something had to be done to correct the situation on earth as if it was destroyed the ripple through our galaxy and universe would be far to great of a destructive event to be aloud to happen. The aliens had to find a way to help earth without breaking their law of non interference. They decided to start sending waves of aliens here incarnated as humans, aka starseeds, to start the process of raising the earths vibration.Dolores Canons information has been one that has resonated most with me out of all I have read. With that said she is stating that ascension alone is a natural process but this specific ascension is not a natural part of our evolution. It is being orchestrated by the aliens. I have no opinion of these so called light chambers or ascension chambers but it is a possibility that there is some truth behind it. I will reserve my judgement of this for when I can meet the aliens in person so that I can experience their energy fields for myself. And as for Sheldon Nidle he has basically reworded the exact same message he gives every single week with a bit of different wording. Also for the record he claims he does not channel, he describes it as a type of telepathic communication.

    • baab, you just said more truth than anything else that i have read on this entire site. At the end of 2012, all we had to show for all the hype was a scam.

    • Although I have said I resonate with Sheldan Nidle I must admit I am undecided about the light chambers he mentions for ascension. Personally, for me, I believe in a natural ascension and the first time I had heard of the light chambers was through reading Sheldan. I don’t know too much about them but would like to know more as I like to keep an open mind.

    • Well lets see…

      If i went back in time right now… lets say only to the time of my great grandfather around 150 years ago or so, and i told them that people in the future had the ability to speak to each other from China to New York, he would certainly ask how.

      I would then tell him, we have little boxes that fit in the palms of our hands.
      They can see and hear and even record conversations. They could even remember how to “think” in various ways. These little boxes work like this. They have a small membrane that converts light to electricity, then electricity into magnetic waves. The magnetic waves are sent to balls that orbit the planet. Then the balls return the conversation to the recipient’s little box.

      He would have called me nuts. But, if it had been HIS grandfather i told, they would have burnt me at the stake or something equally in good measure.

      Go figure.

      So in only what… 300 years? We have come a far enough to have the same effect on our own forefathers. But consider this too, please. If these “advanced humanoids” have been around for the past 2000 years, would you
      also then presume they just sit on their technological hands?


  17. How can anyone on here still be waiting for the good fairy when you have been repeatedly lied to here on so many occasions?

    • I hear you, and I can tell you are just commenting, so I’ll answer with I’m not waiting.

      I’m hanging around because I enjoy the vibe and the spiritual growth and deliverance I witness from when I first arrived to today. I wonder if you are here for the same thing, even if you comment that the rest of us are waiting on the good fairy.

      In my opinion, A lot of people have resisted the system. The system is based on contracts (offer and acceptance). It was also based on us being treated as decedents.

      Now that we do not want the contracts we are entered into by deceit, we have rejected the offers laid before us, and it’s public knowledge we are not the ‘walking dead’, we are alive; it is worth waiting on something to happen. We don’t know what it is, but we know it’s happening.

      I personally am like the prodigal son. Give me my property and let me leave and live my life according to my will. I’m not interested in having anything I own in a trust where I am a beneficiary and it’s under the control of a trustee or someone acting under some power of attorney for a legal fiction and attaching me to the legal fiction.

      Whatever the good fairy brings, it will have to be sufficient for more than one type of recipient.

    • Great Reply, Anonymous1 January 2013 16:38! seriously!

      But for Anonymous1 January 2013 16:25, i only have a very simple answer.


      the answer is because the people that lied to me were not the ones that freed me from slavery. Its just that simple. You can read it here a little better if you like:

      Huggs! Have a great day, please!

    • Been lied to here repeatedly? By who?

      There may have been one or two things posted here that did not come to pass but this does not mean that D lied to us. D does what she can to bring info to the surface it is up to us what we do with it….

    • One or two things brando? Please. I’ll make it easy for you. i will tell you about the times she has said that postmen were going to be bringing people money before the weekend was out and in return maybe you can come up with one single prediction that actually came to pass? Even one?
      You’ll learn the hard way just like you did about Ishtar when he was still lying about his identity.

  18. American Kabuki said keep an ear on Sheldon….here it is…..

    Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 01/01/2013

    12 Ben, 19 Mol, 9 Eb

    Dratzo! Taj Jai Dan! (Happy New Dawn!) We return! A new epoch is dawning for humanity! Let us start with a brief description of what has happened so far. Our sacred secret allies, with the assistance of your Ascended Masters, have put into position a new financial system and begun to instruct various key individuals in the distribution of the hard-backed currencies associated with this new banking system. Meanwhile, those who are to take up positions to replace old-order officials in the present de facto regimes are preparing the announcements which will transform your world ‘in the twinkling of an eye.’ Further, the Light-oriented military and militia groups are poised to complete a legal putsch that will put a series of new, de jure governments into power. Once done, the announcements will be broadcast and the six major components of NESARA will become the law of the land. Initially these acts will: restore the Constitution; ensure the establishment of common law; and institute the use of a set of new hard-backed currencies worldwide. These will be the monies activating the new banking system and establishing global prosperity.

    Banks will be rechartered and corporations dissolved and replaced with socially responsible partnerships. Large banks and corporations are to be broken up. New documents detailing the legal requirement for full transparency between these various institutions and the public will be stressed. The people will be asked to inform themselves and become a vital part of this process. These new partnerships will be adjured to recognize the need to help Gaia and work toward redressing the many problems created by decades of global carelessness. These bodies will be publicly regulated and must interact with their now-prosperous communities to bring an end to industrial pollution and energetically promote the age of clean energy, which uses zero-point and light-beam technologies. We intend to assist you by giving you technology which takes your interactive capabilities to a new level and which permits your communities to move away from corporate agriculture and any other ‘traditional’ industries that can harm Gaia and her diverse and fragile ecosystems.

    Your first priority is to enrich your community life and demonstrate your Love for your home world. We of the Galactic Federation acknowledge both the Spirit and the material aspects of our living land. Each aspect, whether ocean, sky, or landmass, is most precious to us. Your fully conscious ancestors exercised this Love every day and even the so-called primitives of your world hold her essences sacred. This viewpoint is to become yours. Your sciences have only just begun to grasp the truth of this central tenet of creation, and even ecology and related biological sciences barely acknowledge such a basic outlook. As you grow in consciousness you start to sense the Life contained in everything around you. You are to become a community of Earth stewards to your beautiful home world?a community that cherishes your living world and is grateful for all that she provides for you. You begin to perceive the great beauty all around you and to comprehend the key role that you play in sustaining this glorious creation. You begin to truly understand that all life is sacred and inextricably interdependent.

    read more here….

    • Now go back and read him way back in 2010 and you will know why so many reasonable souls are skeptical.

    • Nah, go back to 1995 and you will know how good his track record is!

      TANGIBLE evidence is needed not some story from so called “insiders” or “channelled” message.

      I’m still waiting…………

    • Damn, 1995!!! I had no idea this farce was going on that long! How long does it take folks to catch on?

    • As stated above, I have been reading Nidles updates for about 6 months and it seems like I am reading the exact same update just reworded every week.

    • brando- on the surface yes, but in between his talk of light chambers or ascended masters there are a few very very important pieces of information. Those pieces are aimed at people who are working within the system to change things and who know what’s going on under the surface.

    • Brando, I’ve never really read any channeled messages from the internet and from Nidle until now.I had a problem with words like “my dear ones” in most channeled messages on the first sentence which I stopped reading any further.I don’t know for sure but maybe Nidle is the real deal?An insider? From my personal experience and why some things are repeated..

      I’ve been visiting a channeller that I personally know 20 years now that has predicted everything in my life and some world events.She’s not on the internet, very low key but very well known by word of mouth.She sees past present and future.The first three years were all repetitive,why? because it wasn’t TIME for things to happen yet, but always spoke about things that would have an IMPACT.As the years went by everything started to happen in exact detail as she had stated.Over time I understood that the information given to her or coming through her wasn’t the same time as ours.They see it all happening at once?Sometimes I would not listen to her about bad relationships but she was right.Always trying to put me in the right direction.When she talks she goes into details, when predictions happen it’s mind blowing especially when it’s the good stuff.I could go on for days what she predicted but who wants to hear about my personal life?. :)

  19. D and others who read, research and find what resonates deeply in their soul, are the wayshowers. Those who are no longer affected by the old paradigm are ascending beyond it. Do not discount the unbelievable because it is beleivable and it IS so!! Before passing judgement on what you read and hear, read and listen again, this time with your HEART. The ego (head) is very adept at reasoning in 3D, but the heart knows the truth, it is your soul center.
    Take what resonates within your heart and toss the rest if you choose. The seeds have been planted and will soon grow into things that yesterday, you could not imagine. Find YOUR own truth, because in reading and listening that truth will begin to sprout and grow. When that happens, peace will surround you and eventually engulf you and a new perspective will emerge. Soon you will be trying to understand why 3D no longer affects you, it will be because you have moved on from it. Now, go back and help the others and soon we will be together in our new world. Blessings to all.

    • Good God, It’s This Why I Can’t Watch TV Anymore? I Really Try Too Sit And Watch The 2 Or 3 Recorded Ones I Used To Like, And I Can’t Get Thru More Than 15 Minutes :-)

    • Hi Funkyjo!


      TV and I parted company quite some time ago…it started years back when I stopped watching the soaps I had been ‘glued’ to for years and years…

      …then came the news/history/discovery type stuff…stopped watching that a while back…lies,lies and more lies.

      Nowadays, I might peek at an Eggheads quiz show, or a Jamie Oliver ‘cook-up’ once in a while, but that’s about my lot. All in all, I watch about 1-2 hours TV a week at the very most.

      Now, I must confess, I do love Mrs Brown’s Boys and last night I recorded the Ep.1 of the new series 3…and I watched it almost immediately…and loved it. :) There is a certain madness that tickles me with that show…I think a certain kind of humour (not all) is the key to my sanity right now, along with my star/sun-gazing and other things…

      So, Funkyjo, don’t feel surprised by your aversion to TV, I think it goes with the territory we are now operating within.


      S in Europe

    • S in Europe – laughter – is one of the best medicines! I’ve seen Mrs Brown and he’s a riot! lol! :D Mostly though TV makes me restless.

      Sine Nomine

    • Thank you Shining Light

      Funky Jo- I gave up on TV a while ago. about the only things I can watch occasionally is The Big Bang Theory and Mythbusters -they both crack me up.

    • I wonder if this is why I suddenly just stopped giving a crap about the system? I voted this last election, but I didn’t participate in the whole process. My blog was not a political rant fest and I avoided the social media onslaught more than I ever have, when normally I would have been leading a charge. I felt guilty because I felt apathetic. I’d like to think I saw so much deeper this time, into the system of broken and chose not to waste the energy there. Instead my energy has been on “seeking” and I would up at blogs like this and AK. I stopped giving implied consent. I don’t think that I was being apathetic, I think I have just been waking up.

    • …since we’re talking about the
      tube for a moment, can anyone help
      me with this one? Around last October
      or so I was watching my favorite show,
      “Stargate Universe which ended the season
      with a cliff-hanger…the new season hasn’t
      appeared thus far. Does it have anything to
      do with information regarding huge ships
      circling the Sun and such.

      In one TV episode, the starship could enter
      the Sun and recharge itself. Did our reality
      catch up with the program or the opposite?…

    • Trinity, HOLD THAT FEELING, it expands all around you affecting everyone, that is EXACTLY the key. It is the love frequency. It is the creative component of God. It is miraculous stuff ;)

  20. Yes, I was also blown away by the People’s Trust Announcement, the documents and how comprehensive they are. The release of these IS a beginning, for all things related to Law take time and can’t be predicted. I love this Declaration. I am so excited by the back and forth communication between Heather and our Truther network. We all know of the people working behind the scenes. I live to see how this most interesting event plays out. Happy New Year everyone. I sure enjoy this blog, and the information I receive here.

    • We don’t have to to anything with you. You’ll be escorted to another 3D world with the same system.

      You didn’t know???

    • people are free to choose what they want. Who can really control another living soul? Isn’t that what true freedom is about?

    • LOL Anonymous 17:43…did you say we won’t do anything and then say you will escort Cryptic to another place?
      Uh, that means you will do something.

      Cryptic, my answer is you don’t have to accept the new system and make sure you go with your will and reject anything that doesn’t resonate with you. The system cannot ‘make’ you do anything, contrary to the ‘control’ Anonymous 17:43 mentioned.

      I thought we were passed forcing others to do things against their will. That’s why we have cabal people who are doing things they don’t want to but are forced to, and people who want to kill them; because they don’t comprehend anything beyond their nose, or belly.

      Cryptic. Be uniquely you. I know I plan to be uniquely me, and have made it clear with my family that I have a Creator, we are together for this experience whatever it continues to bring.

    • hahahahah…..same as what “we” do with “you” on this blog….let you do and say what ever ya want….

      this or something like it seems to resonate with you and i would not be surprised is you were influenced by this…

      and downloaded this….

      and used it in this….

      then tried to use it to get good people to chase their tails to prove you wrong…

      hahahaha….you amuse me….ya really do…

      now isf you don’t agree with any of the links I provided….dig deeper…ask yourself why…and dig deeper….

    • YAY Cryptic!! you signed your name! Let me be the first to congratulate you on manning up. SERIOUSLY. I commend you for putting a name on your posts instead of hiding. Others have answered your posts already, i just want you to know that i love you very much and am just a tad proud that you just might make it after all. CONGRATULATIONS.

      Said in all sincerity.

      Sine Metu

    • good morning my cryptic friend- as I have been saying to you over and over- I will do nothing to you. You are not me. as Sine Nomine said: you create your own reality. So go ahead and create what you wish for yourself.

    • Cryptic,

      Why do you keep saying What will YOU do to the people that wont accept the new system?”

      Your saying that like D or anyone else here is in control of bringing in the new system or that any of us are responsible for people that do not accept it. You are starting to sound like a broken record even after you have been given multiple answers to the same damn question….

      If people do not want to move ahead with the earth then they no longer have to remain on her. But if they choose to reamin on her then they are accepting the changes regardless. It is not D or anyone else that will “Do something” to them if they do not want to change. They will be doing it too themselves…..

    • I repectfully, completely disagree with you on Brando. As a soveriegn being you can be absolutely sure I’m going to have a say in what happens on this planet from now on in as much or as little as I have the ability to contribute to it. Nobody’s going to hand me an offer to accept a readymade prepackaged system worked out behind the scenes by a group of unelected officials and ask me to leave if I don’t like it nor do I expect such a thing to happen.

      Granted, I’ll respectfuly listen to any and all plans put forth by beings with a better birds eye view and more experience of such matters then I currently have, whatever planet or realm they’re from. It’s a joint venture, remember? Everone equal before God – one size does not neccessarily fit all. Peace.

    • P.S. – please excuse typos and bad spelling. Rushed ~ had something on the stove. Mmmmmmm it was milky-good by the way.

    • No S. but… wait a minute…. “Peace Porridge”– that could catch on, although I don’t really like porridge….

      But no,’twas a white sauce from a roux, with wine and french mustard to go with fish – tuigeann tu?

    • Aha…I made what I call ‘Fishy Man’s Pie’ the other night…white fish, white sauce (made the right way, as you say, from a roux) and then mashed tatties on top with cheese on top…

      The only reason I wondered if it was Porridge you had is because I had a hankering for po’dge today and so it was on my mind. I will probably have it for brekkie tomorrow.


      S in E

  21. Guys, I need some comedy to laugh a little so I’m waiting for Terryk’s daily “tonight is the night” update!

    I’m keeping an eye on recaps!!!

  22. I think this is all wonderful and not a moment too soon. And thank you for all you do. My concern is that, while it is incredibly fantastic all that is waiting in the wings for the 99%, the last time apparently the NESARA was due to be released the Cabal committed the 911 atrocity. Right up to a day. While they have done everything in their power to squeeze blood out of a turnip my fear is that they will unleash another such incident and we on the other hand have no way to protect ourselves. It is obvious from the Executive Orders Obama keeps passing that they show no signs of letting up. WHEN CAN WE EXPECT TO SEE THIS FUND RELEASED. HELP!!!!!

    • Not till every last one of them are arrested. Also those who believe O is good, where’s the proof?

    • no one needs to prove he’s good nor bad. They can just stand on their own belief. Not sure why people feel the need to challenge beliefs so much. Oh…forgot…control…

    • This is adressed to those folks that feel Obama is on the dark side. Check out site. There have been many messages posted from ascended masters who have been praising him as a warrior of light. He is up against the cabal, and he has been surrounded by dark hats. Look how difficult it is for him to pass laws and bills. Once we get past disclosure, then you will see him shine. They predicted his victory before both elections because he is here with a very important mission. Time will tell, and he WAS born in Hawaii.

    • Yes, Rina.

      However, to do as you suggest, one would also have to be convinced that Steve Beckow and the astonishing amount of stuff posted on his site (which I used to read daily, but now haven’t visited for months) is operating in/coming from truth and light.

      It’s no good advising anybody to answer their queries about Person A, to go check out what Person B has to say about Person A. Even if YOU are Person B and you know what you KNOW about Person A it’s of no value to anyone except YOU.

      Until we know whatever there is to know (KNOW, not THINK, not BELIEVE), then it’s really quite irrelevant who says what about whom – good or bad.

      With respect.

      S. in Europe.

    • Rina,

      I hear a lot of people say O WAS born in Hawaii. Alvin Onaka, doesn’t seem to be able to give us proof positive but YOU KNOW. Obama doesn’t seem to be able to but YOU KNOW. Please, STOP HOARDING HIS REAL BC. Show it to the rest of us.

      When it comes to discerning the truth. Truly you are of NO USE TO US.

    • @Rina

      If that isn’t the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard! Excuse me; but I have to go throw up now.


  23. I haven’t read anyone replies…yet whoever be that it may I still want to know how?? How you all plan to take this all down? See, my back ground is of 7 yrs of servitude to helping many in their quest of Finance. No, hold on now for I am Of The Light. 7 yrs as a Light Worker knowing all facets of Fin! My background is quite compelling yet unannounced in Big circles. I guess that what one becomes when your raised by a 10th MTN. WWII Vet? So be that it may…How do you all plan on vacilitating these PROGRAMS???n They are on PPP’s now! So I know about All PPP’s in London, Switzerland,Lichenstein,Rome ectects. Are these to be of vehicles of MT 760 or 799? Euroclear, or Bloomberg screen shots??? Cause I know this SHIT!!!!

  24. Yes, that is interesting, when one says that one will do nothing and then one says that one will do something?

    canauzzie, stop sitting in the corner, pretending to be me.

    • hahahahaha…..ya crack me up ….ya really do….you are a breath of fresh air from all the informative reading I do….you allow me to sit back and laugh…and for that I am forever grateful…..can’t wait to read what you post next…

  25. I read all the comments and just more rumors. I told my brother about those rumors but that I need proof myself to believe it. He says it’s all nonsense. If anything was supposed to happen in 2012, I am angry that the elites prevented this. Now insiders are saying wait for 2013 or 2014. Sigh.

    • This insider isn’t waiting for any date in the future. I’m doing what I’m doing and moving forward. the elites prevented nothing, because they no longer have the power to prevent. Have they delayed some things? yes they have. but they cannot prevent them- they certainly cannot stop them.

    • The elites did not prevent an event from happening on the 21, there was no event to happen on that day it was all speculation. I do believe that there will still be an ascension even for us and our planet as I experienced it in a very vivid dream. But it was never meant to happen on Dec 21/2012.

  26. Watch out, Calliope is about to tell it like it is:

    “Hope” is the thing with feathers—
    That perches in the soul—
    And sings the tune without the words—
    And never stops—at all—

    And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard—
    And sore must be the storm—
    That could abash the little Bird
    That kept so many warm—

    I’ve heard it in the chillest land—
    And on the strangest Sea—
    Yet, never, in Extremity,
    It asked a crumb—of Me.

    ~ Emily Dickinson

    I have watched repeatedly in my life how conscious creation works.

    Fact is, the reality or non-reality of any of the financial relief matters NOT in and of itself. If people believe in such a thing, then such a thing like it *will* happen. If enough people begin to hold hope and envision it, financial freedom *will* work.

    The grid system holding us all captive and denying our creations full power is hacked, it is on its way out, it is cracking and opening, and once it hits a tipping point, there will be no stopping what will happen.

    In a multiverse, there can be multiple outcomes, outcomes in which each and every being has what it needs and wants.

    As for this specific financial instance, hope inside of me feels buoyed by what it reads and sees in terms of the synchronicities and power behind the vibration of the words that are written about it in multiple instances.

    I am seeing a kind of coordination between sites and people that was nearly destroyed between September and November of last year, ramping up with the Venus Transit in June. But connections are once again renewing, and there is a vibration of good will that is emerging.

    By logic, eventually something has got to give, and believe me, it *is* giving way. Whether it is this, or NESARA (the real one), or the Fed collapsing, or the Eurozone giving way, or some other hope out there, it will be *something* for the momentum is growing, more are understanding. Thanks, by and large to the Occupy movement in the Western Hemisphere, and people being sick and tired of the status quo.


    • Cryptic — you GET what you want out of this. What do you want? Where do you want to be? There is no ONE reality that exists that you have to follow. What will be “done” to you is whatever you decide will be done to you, so make up your feckin’ mind about what you want it to be and then DO it, achieve it, or avoid it by making a reality for yourself. Although you should already know all of this as you are a hidden hand magician as it is, so I don’t even know why you are bothering to ask, except to be one of the voices that causes dissent. Get over yourself already, buddy. Go find your own reality and BE in it, will you? Seriously. Now if you are asking on behalf of the Brotherhood about what we frustrated souls will DO to you when all this stuff goes down, I really don’t know! I believe in a karmic form of justice, and I believe the Brotherhood will have to balance out their dark acts somehow. But it is not for me to say how that happens, and I sure know I am personally not going to seek out to chop off the nuts of anyone who has committed acts of horror. I know that when faced with light, many will feel bad enough. Hell, I have watched alcoholics wake up out of their addiction and denial, and truly struggle once they understand the pain they have caused. I view the Illumunati in much the same vein. They, too, have been manipulated by those who control the grid that imprisons, the one that is dissolving as we read and type here. They have been addicts in denial; they, too, have been victims of power abuses and mind control.

      Something happens when WE CONSCIOUSLY CREATE it to happen! Conscious Creation 101 is what is needed for people to understand here.

      As soon as people, myself included, can truly understand the real power they have in MIND to change the status quo, it will change. And we don’t all have to be robots, or desire all the same dream — the multiverse is big enough to handle them ALL.

      I think the real battle is that for people to realize how free they already are. The “whole elephant who was chained so long that when the chain is gone he thinks he can’t go anywhere” syndrome.

      I for one, will just continue to persevere no matter what happens. I ain’t dead yet, and I won’t let the bloody ones who have been in control of things take me out of the picture. They will have to pry my dead, cold hands off of my life (literally, *giggle*). This is what resides at my core no matter what downer day I can have over some of this shit.

      They can’t have me. They can’t stop me from hoping or loving. Much like there were those brave souls in concentration camps who never gave up, never gave up, never gave up, and they maintained their love, dignity, soul, and sense of self in the gravest and most horrific of situations. Hey, I am not in that bad of a way, yet, so that means I can keep on going.

      I will continue to hope for this freedom until it happens or until I die.
      So fuck you, naysayers.
      Go find some love and some hope, you wusses!!!

    • CtM MMATFH Standing ovation for your posts my friend! Thank you so much for your truly inspiring words. Namaste

      Sine Nomine (annoying rebel ;-)

    • Thanks, guys, but it really is the Muse and she goes by many names. “Calliope” has just had enough of the B.S. and refuses to give up or give in. Trust me, I (the human that Calliope works with) will need to come back and read this again for myself and remind myself what I said, lol.

      The global patriarchy and the ones who control them have just really gotten up my nose, and I recognize the only way to balance that out is with heavy doses of persistence in hope and love. There’s faith/belief, too, that things are gonna look up, three little birds-style. ;-) Hmmm, lots of birdie metaphors.

      Hugs to you both & let’s all keep strong in the face of doubt and disbelief.

    • Calliope, would you be surprised to find that you and what you call “the cabal” are singing from the same hymnal?

      Let us see, there is no one reality that one has to follow, you just “make a reality for yourself.” I do believe that someone in the administration once said that they make reality and the press merely reports it.

      Or let us see, the way New Age Ascension sounds just like New World Order?

      Or, perhaps, the way “the multiverse is big enough to handle everything.” Do you recall Roosevelt’s New Deal?

      Or, here’s a good one, you’ve often asid that one need merely “believe” in global prosperity and it will happen. Let the good vibes roll? Do you recall what they said when the Federal Reserve was Instituted in 1913? Now we have a fiat currency that everyone has to believe in.

      You see, Calliope, the danger you are in?

      –Cryptic, needless to say.

    • “Or let us see, the way New Age Ascension sounds just like New World Order?”
      Yes, and I know you know because you are the Brotherhood. You are pretty good about flashing your hand signal here! LOL.

      There is one fundamental, very fundamental, difference between the NWO and NAA if I can abbreviate it like that. They do work on the same principles, it is true! Energy is energy. Toilet paper is toilet paper. I might use the toilet paper to use my makeup remover and you wipe your ass with it, but it is still just toilet paper.

      (That was called a “metaphor” up there, by the way. I’m trying to say that NAA and NWO *are* in fact based on many of the very same energetic principles, you are absolutely correct! I agree with you! *faints* How about that?! But it is really just toilet paper. Or a hammer. Or maybe a tire. How about a light bulb? Just a… *giggle* TOOL. Or tools. Energetic tools.)

      Here is the fundamental difference:

      The NAA Team is working fundamentally out of an orientation of Service to Others.

      The NWO team is working fundamentally out of an orientation of Service to Self.

      The only danger I can see is in the way you think you are good at twisting logic, but as I have said before, I see you, I see through you. I have a very good vision of who you are, typing away.

      Good try. No dice. No danger here inside of me or outside of me whatsoever. I know what side I am working for. I know what orientation I have, and I am feeling just fine about it all.

      Your view, Cryptic, continues to be too limited. So very limited. Narrow. Maybe you’ll get it one of these days. But hey, that is not up for me to decide.

  27. Tuesday, January 1, 2013
    The bridge between now and nesara

    Text of H.R.2990 as Introduced in House: National Emergency Employment Defense Act of 2011 – U.S. Congress – OpenCongress

    Please post this on the site ASAP. This is the bridge between now and nesara. Very important. Everyone must know about this bill that is currently in congress.
    Posted by John MacHaffie at 11:43 PM 0 comments

    • Post it on the site? you just did!
      Faith please, everyone will see it that needs to.
      But for me, seriously, what the old boys do in their
      house is only representative of themselves. Been
      that way as long as I can remember here. Anyone that
      REALLY “represented” somebody else, would at LEAST go
      and have a sit down chat with them, you know? Anyone
      that REALLY cared about somebody else would ask them
      what they need, then they would figure out how to get
      it for them… its called public SERVICE, you see. But,
      if you could show me a list of anyone i know, even one
      person that i have met in my entire lifetime that any
      one of those old boys have ever SERVED, then i will make
      a full page advertised and spammed color glossy web site
      for that, including the “old boys” national anthem playing
      in the background. Until then, though, they just do what
      they like, but this old boy is serving somebody else now,
      you know? Tired of serving them. They lost my interest,
      but thanks you!


    • “Anon 4:44 (lol) we are not gullible nor buffoons.
      I’m sorry but if you let people print a dead bill as evidence that Nesara is happening, then you are a gullible buffoon. That bill has been buried for over a year and John Machaffie knows it. So why post it unless you are trying to fool gullible buffoons with disinfo?

  28. pulled the from the white hates site….

    post by John….

    There is a tight line to walk while the RVs and GS are playing out over the holiday Silly Season.Derailing either will have negative consequences for many.
    A huge amount IS in play behind the scenes.

    You will perhaps have seen that Hawaii has now, at last declared O’s Birth Cert to be fraudulent. At last! You may soon see the George Scherf exposure as a German Nazi Agent and the unraveling of the Fourth Reich Agency networks in the US with many thousands of false IDs about to be blown.

    Timing is everything. Germany is on the verge of exposing him also. Even funnier was his premature death announced by De Spiegel by mistake who called him a mediocre and lightweight President with the only worse one being his son.

    • If this was written April 2007 why are we just now reading it? Just curious as to why this hasn’t hit all the news sites, even if just the alternative news sites.

    • I printed out this article over 2 years ago Funkyjo, so it’s been around for a while. I’m glad anonymous 2.36 brought it up though because I wouldn’t mind some feed back from peeps. There are some things within the article which tickle my B.S. antenae which I won’t go into but just look at the main photo.

      The man sitting front centre is never Rheinhard Gehlen who was the proud owner of large-ish protruding ears. He also possessed bony, almost emaciated facial features. So to me this is not him. The man on the left is supposedly Martin Bormann, who in 1938 would have been 38 years old. This guy looks much younger although I can see similarities, and is wearing the same naval uniform as someone supposedly 20 years his junior.

      Anyway in 1938 he was busy overseeing the building of the Eagles Nest and he wasn’t in the navy. He was a Reichsleiter since ’33. Just my 2 cents – I’ld be interested to hear if anyone has any info on this.

    • I put up the article to give background to the Scherfs just in case anyone was unaware of the history of number 41. I don’t know about the photos whether they are kosher so was interested to read your comments Peacefrog.

      Sine Nomine

  29. Did you figure out what you plan on posting today? Like a small summary of what you and Heather went through?

    • I am still wrapping my brain everything, lol. I’ve had a cerebral over load. I also recorded the conversations we had yesterday (although I haven’t yet figured out how to access them lol), so i’m hoping to review them today ( I hope) (can someone lend me an extra 10 hours a day…..?)

    • Time isn’t like it used to be BTS – I’m self-unemployed at the moment so apart from a few bits and bobs I can afford to send you my spare hours (Sending them now) – Thanks for the work you do, peace.

      P.S. TODAY I have mostly been eating crayons, magic-markers, and finger-nails

    • You can chew on my finger-nails, Froggy, if it pleases you. My finger-nails are already all messed up from me trying. You would probably do a better job than me since you would be using the colors on them, too. You know?


    • Only if they’re mango and apricot flavour Sine Metu. Mine are no good – tobacco and onion, with a hind of orange peel.

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    • AK said Kauilapele was going to put together that information in 3 part Youtube presentation. Is that the same recordings you are speaking of?

    • Woah! Some serious sh*t in that one! Just off to read up on the book of Ruth….

      Bohemian Grove,giant owl sculptures……


      Sine Nomine

      Sine Nomine

  30. I have no doubt anyone on this blog is tied together and we all have a very important role to play. Many of us have been blocked for our own good is my guess/intutition. Getting activated can also make you vulnerable and until the last i is dotted why put people in jeopardy. The light has won-it is done but the transition is tricky from what I AM discerning. I AM going through big time ascension symptoms making it very hard to function in 3D right now and at the same time trying to learn to be multi-dimensional and it is not easy. There are so many well meaning people but many of us only have pieces to the puzzle so speculation just fuels the darks last gasps of breath. I can only speak from experience of having been activated by Deb and if anyone is interested I am finding the best thing is to work on ourselves, grounding, witholding judgement, forgivenss, humility and most of all being loving to everyone. I suspect those in various groups are part of original soul groups but that is just a guess. My guess is there are things we are all going to be shocked about but also who among us is without sin(done something stupid without even realizing consciously it was hurtful). I have always known for some reason how easy it is to deceive myself. Just an idea.

  31. The latest Ben Fulford report is out:

    January 2, 2013

    The turning of the tide can be a subtle thing at first but eventually the change becomes undeniable. That is what is happening now with the family cabal that has been secretly ruling the West through control of the creation and distribution of money. These people have already lost the ability to control the future of this planet and are now barely clinging on to power. The key to their loss was the spreading of the truth, for the truth shall set us free.

    In one example of the sort of truth that is coming out, here is what MI5 is saying about former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair: “Blair received an offshore payment of Euro 75 million into Belize for signing the EU Treaty of Rome. All signatories were offered Euro 50 million but [Italian Prime Minister] Berlusconi was insulted by the low amount that could buy an Italian PM so the payment went up to Euro 75m. Blair then paid nearly half of his share into his wife Cherie’s offshore account at H. Ansbacher in the British Virgin Islands.” Outgoing Bank of England Governor Sir Mervyn King also has an account (in his mother’s name) in the British Virgin Islands with H. Ansbacher, MI5 says.

    More here:

    • So now it’s “the cabal is barely clinging to power” when last march Ben Fullofshitford said the cabal was completely finished and would be rounded up by thousands of ninjas. Remember that whopper?

  32. So according to Fulford the “bad guys” delayed the global reset yet again! No surprise here!

    They don’t want to let go of their power, so I wonder how long will it take the “good guys now to do what they need to do in order to finally make this a reality for all of us?

    I HOPE only days, so we can see this by Friday. Fulford said min January. Minimum January?

    I wonder what is the maximum then? Summer?

    • Very disappointing yet again!!

      I guess the “good guys” have to start using the “bad guys” methods and strategies in order to be much more EFFECTIVE and finally win this stupid game. Looks like I will have to keep working this horrible job that is killing me for an unknown and extended amount of time.

      Sadly, prison planet continues. What else is new!

    • When are we going to wake up from our awakening and FINALLY let it sink in that the “good guys” should only need to provide the vehicle? WE the people need to step up and refuse to play the serfdom game any longer. Stop buying the lies, products and initiative.

      Start local, gather friend neighbor and family. Get on the same page. Refuse to pay illegal taxation. Change that w2 or 1090. Start a community garden. Trade among one another. Barter services and keep commerce local. Why wait for the dichotomy to change?

      We need to up our efforts and prove to ourselves that we can run with the ball once we pick it up. Once thr maligned are remedied financially other issues will be thrust forth in its place. As human beings we will always need one another. Until this ratrace ends and humility usurps ego we will remain subverts. Divided so obviously.

      Unity brings harmony and harmony brings freedom. Grab a soapbox and Amtrak ticket if you must. I’ll met you there with a bullhorn, Sharpie, posterboard and coffee!

      Cooperation and a warm smile until looooong after thr doorbell rings (and probably prior to a post that is not regurgitated by Sheldon)…


    • Nice thought…but what about those of us with kids who will be out on the streets in a month? Get serious. I am so tired about reading how WE let this happen! Bullshit. We don’t have the ability to print money whenever we feel like it; we don’t have all the alphabet organizations at our beck and call. Unity, harmony, and freedom are wonderful – in an ideal world. That is not the world that I am currently a part of. We are going down, fast. Many of us were holding out ’til the end of 2012. Ha. Just more of the same. We’ll still be here “coloring” in 2 weeks, then 2 months, then 2 years. PLEASE, do not take this as criticism of D or anyone else on this blog. I am very thankful that we have a place to turn to. I am just SO TIRED! Please, white hats, anyone who can stop this shit, please do so! We will immediately join in!

    • Anon 09:11 – Ben says, ….”but last minute cabal interference has postponed the launch of the new system supposedly until mid-January.” MID January not min. :)

      Can you imagine how people on the front lines are feeling? They plan and plan and then have to reschedule, then re-reschedule at their end when the cabal throws a spanner in the works. We could have had it all yesterday but that would have cost millions of lives and haven’t we lost a lot of lives already? I’d rather the good guys take their time and get things right so there is minimal loss of life, no loss of life would be better.

      Kalypso, I am doing my bit. I’ve stopped paying my water bills and the threatening letters have started already! Has anyone else stopped paying their bills?

    • Anonymous2 January 2013 10:31

      You reply is dead on!

      We can’t do shit right now, we have an invisible prison around us. The only ones that can do anything right now are the so called “good guys” in the battlefield, the owner of this blog often talks about. These “good guys” should stop planning and start doing and take chances.

      Use the same “bad guys” methods and do it NOW. They are using all of us as collateral.

      Guess what good guys?

      They will keep using that method if you don’t take chances. In warfare there is always loss of life. If we go down make sure they go down too. If there is really a higher power (galactic federation or whatever) they will make sure to minimize the loss of innocent life. We can’t keep waiting and waiting forever. I know this mortal body is just a vehicle in order to experience this prison. If I go down in a bad guy strike that kills thousands or millions of innocent life or whatever.

      So be it!

      I rather go down in an attempt to liberate humanity than keep being a slave just because they keep threatening us by killing millions of innocent lives if the reset, Nesara, RV are done. We are not living anymore guys, we are dying here.

    • I agree that we did not let this happen. If we where aware of what was going on and did nothing then yea we let it happen but we were not aware. Everyone that incarnates on earth has their universal memory wiped clean so none of us knew what was happening until it had already occurred for so long that we where trapped.

    • Yes, I had too! Smart meter took our two meter bill up to FOUR TIMES the usage (cost) of the previous month. In California here, called smart meters. Well, they can be changed remotely, and when a 250 bill goes to over a thousand, thats it. PG and E, got momentum behind a fight. So Cal Edison, for some reason, people caved in and do nothing, though many acknowledge it. With an 97 year old father, many animals (needing well water pumped) life has been more than a challenge, believe me. I count my blessing for the good and positive things, but its a real game changer.
      I think it is necessary that MANY people all stop doing what has been
      fraudulently put upon them, at the same time. Needs to be pretty big, and done in a way that is correct, somehow. Well, with generators, and a few solar panels, have to go now, a lot to do to keep things level…

      Maybe someone can help here.. I have an innate trust in the love we call divine, God, etc. I have faith. But when you are faced with so many 3D needs due to people and creatures that are dependant on you (have tried for years to find people for animals we cannot afford right now, but we must feed and protect them)and you count every dollar, to do so, and live day to day, working very hard dawn to dusk to keep those physically dependant on you for heat, food, and cleanliness, how can you let go and just sail in spirit, feeling only love, trust, and freedom with gratitude?
      My pets come to me when I am in a turmoil in my mind. They know. They distract me into a love frequency to keep me in the right direction. It breaks my heart, they care so, and we work so hard to keep them fed, and warm. Not easy at 4000 feet with a fireplace and two tiny generators.
      I guess I needed to share. I have no one to go to, and, yes, fear creeps in. I am weeping as I write this, I am usually so positive, I write stories and poems, which are to enlighten, yet here I am, not sure, not sure.. Many miracles have sustained my heart, true miracles. But this test has gone on for 5 years now, and I just don’t know what to do.
      I am sorry if this is a bit hard to read. If anyone has a path to lead me away from this little valley, please share with me.
      Love to all. So many dear and good hearts here…

    • Goldenpaths1 – sending you, your father and all your animal friends much love.

      Sine Nomine

    • I appreciate your perspective and certainly take no offense, however to think we have not been complicit in all of this is the real bullshit.

      I’ll get serious. If it can’t be done, what happened in and to Iceland? While there probably is still something pulling the strings they sure seem better off…

      I simply don’t think waiting for the cavalry without taking a stand or following the lead is prudent nor acceptable. It is that lazy process that feeds chase and BOFA through welfare benefits that if dropped would be able to provide every household in America $66k a year. Why do that? We already told our lifetime family friend that owned the five and dime in town that we’d rather suckle at the teat of lobbyists for a fraction of that to go buy inferior, mass-produced crap at Walmart. We’d rather foresake our families and quality time for American idle and similar trainwreck desensitization. That way when little Jimmy is diagnosed with bullshit ADHD we can wipe our brow and absolve the blame of poor rearing or lack of hands-on parenting. We’ll just remain uniform and bring home frankenfood after work as a treat and pat our backs.

      Power in numbers is the key. Pipe dream? Currently, yes. I just choose to not give up or sell humanity short. Just the thoughts of a father helping rear thr next generation.


    • Oh I am so sorry for your predicament Goldenpaths. I have not had a smart meter but have read enough about them to know that if they foisted one on me I’d say no. People have power in numbers and if we all stood together then bankers and corporations could not have power over us. We (people in general) have stood by for too long and let them get away with it. I just have faith that more and more will wake up to the truth and say enough is enough. It can feel like you are on your own in the wilderness (literally and metaphorically speaking) but please know you can always turn to people here for moral support. Which country are you from? I’m in England but maybe there is someone on here closer to you maybe?

      I so look forward to having free energy which is a birthright for all mankind. They have made us so dependent on them for our energy needs it makes me so mad.Bless you for looking after your dad and animals in such difficult circumstances. Hang in there and know you are not alone. :)

    • I re-read your post Goldenpaths and you say you’re from California, sorry it’s getting late here and I must have missed that bit.

    • Lol… You are missing the point. I understand the population difference. I also understand the power of conviction and united fronts. Not to be a Dick but from your responses all I see are excuses.

      My earlier statement about complicity cannot be denied based upon being consciously aware of your role. If I soil my bed in my sleep its still my fault. Just because I am not aware of the act doesn’t mean I am not to blame ;)


    • re: Anonymous2 January 2013 10:31

      per: “Unity, harmony, and freedom are wonderful – in an ideal world. That is not the world that I am currently a part of.”

      Perhaps because you see in your mind “alphabet organizations” that will stop you from doing anything about the world. What is true, though? Do you see these people around you? Or are you saying that because you were hooked up to the ‘machine’ for so long, that you actually believe they exist?

      So then the question in reality is: “What are you waiting for?” Anything in particular that was promised to you? If you already had it, would you know?



  33. Anonymous2 January 2013 10:31

    You reply is dead on!

    We can’t do shit right now, we have an invisible prison around us. The only ones that can do anything right now are the so called “good guys” in the battlefield, the owner of this blog often talks about. These “good guys” should stop planning and start doing and take chances.

    Use the same “bad guys” methods and do it NOW. They are using all of us as collateral.

    Guess what good guys?

    They will keep using that method if you don’t take chances. In warfare there is always loss of life. If we go down make sure they go down too. If there is really a higher power (galactic federation or whatever) they will make sure to minimize the loss of innocent life. We can’t keep waiting and waiting forever. I know this mortal body is just a vehicle in order to experience this prison. If I go down in a bad guy strike that kills thousands or millions of innocent life or whatever.

    So be it!

    I rather go down in an attempt to liberate humanity than keep being a slave just because they keep threatening us by killing millions of innocent lives if the reset, Nesara, RV are done. We are not living anymore guys, we are dying here.

  34. I’ll believe all this when I see it. I’m fed up with all the talking. Either the positive military, if they even exist, will step up to the plate or I see a huge and bloody civil war when they try and take our guns and THEY WILL. I don’t see us winning anything so far…sorry folks. I live in reality. In the meantime I will continue to live my life, prepare, stockpile food and ammo and be self reliant as my parents taught me at a very young age and hope for the best and pray for freedom.
    I only believe in God and my husband and that’s just how it is.
    My Unconditional Love and Blessings To All Of You,
    live oak

    • “You believe only what you see.” Illusionist will love pulling the wool over your eye. You don’t see everything because you don’t know what to look for.

      “All talk and no substance”
      I can guess you can’t point to a single change that you ‘know’ deep in your heart you had a part in making it happen.

      I see and know.
      There was a disclosure on Huffington Post the other day about an alien body found in a grave, but people are waiting on ‘full disclosure’.

      The Congress hit the cliff and voted and back dated and it was only one House and NOT signed by the President, but no one saw that. Plus they ran out of money and entitlements were due to be sent out and they haven’t even increased their borrowing limit but no body saw that. Yet they sit and wait on the knock on the door because some people are in a situation where they were promised it and some people are sitting waiting to be on the same list.

      Many have no idea if they’ve closed their self out of anything by putting their name everywhere and with anyone with an e-mail address and a promise.

      And there they sit, bitter and complaining. Get up and do something without trying to kill someone over an internet rumor that someone wants ‘your’ gun.

      All these people buying guns. I’m reminded of when the news broadcasted how people were using their homes as ATM’s and the more they published that news the more people took the equity out of their homes “”because”" everyone else was doing it.

      But everyone else wasn’t doing it until the news said everyone was doing it.

      I could have a store with a steady sale of 50 guns a month and one month order 20 guns and sell out. If the news reports I sold out of guns, the masses will assume everyone is buying up guns so they need to do what everyone else is doing.

      What I see is a lot of substance. I see things coming out of the woodwork and truths revealed.

    • EXACTLY!

      Much like being complicit depends upon consciousness.. :/

      So in that thinking, if I piss the bed while I sleep it isn’t my fault… I was asleep! I mean I did it but not knowingly.


  35. Goldenpaths 1 how can I help? Do you have a paypal account, I’d happily contribute a little something. Have my own rescue animals. If we love animals we have big hearts ♥

  36. The fiscal cliff is done yeah! Bluewolf says that was keeping the “blessing” from occurring. We will soon see if he is right!

  37. Thank you again for everything you do D!!!!
    Trying to figure something out! We have been waiting since Aug 16th for report #48 from the White Hats! I have no fear of anything or anyone as I AM protected by the LIGHT!
    Heather also talks about being protected and if someone needs protection they just have to ask! Is it out of fear that we don’t have the report yet? Just wondering.I’m not assuming that this is in your control D. Just putting this into the Universe to see if we can get an answer or report…

  38. Y’all need to watch this interview with Darryl Anka-”Bashar”, it’s amazing and explains so much for those that may not yet “get it”. Also, when you start adding up all the pieces about who and what we really are and our abilities as individuals OR the collective, you can start to see how WE have prevented all negative outcomes to date and WE ARE changing the world for the better….no matter what any dis-informants want us so desperately to believe! The Golden Age IS inevitable, it has happened and we’re ALL a part of it, like it or not! This “Life” is truly amazing and I, for one, am so GRATEFUL!!!

    Love & Blessings to ALL

  39. The clickable link above is the link that Michael just posted. I haven’t watched it yet but was just trying out something. (Namely I’ve just figured how to do a clickable link on this blog!

    If anyone is interested here is how and it’s real easy, even I managed it!


  40. Some lovely words from Heather posted by American Kabuki:

    “Update 1/2/2013

    On Jan 2, 2013, at 12:52 AM, Heather Tucci-Jarraf wrote:

    AK, Brian, and D (KP too!) thank you for spending the moment. I enjoy the humor and wonderful conversation. I just wanted to address one matter….(for Now) ;) I read AK’s and D’s latest postings about the Public Trust. One thing, only thing that made me uncomfortable….

    I know it is very important for the people to identify…with other, their self, hope, truth, etc. I thank you so much for helping us all, all of the people, to do that. I am remembering soooo much. All this resonates with me…I just ask you not make this about “Heather”, or make me the face of the Public Trust especially when the Public Trust is just a tool of many in creations divine plan unfolding at this moment of present, or more importantly, not make this about the Public Trust….this is so about the people, the earth, the universe, and all of creation’s manifestation so of self therein, individually and collectively. This is critical. It is vital. Each of us is an example, a mirror, and a reflection of the Truth that IS, the power that IS, and this moment of present that is finally manifesting where everyone is finally remembering that by the knowledge from within.

    Can you all help me, help us, help the people, help I AM to make sure that Truth BE reflected in unity rather than what I feel is starting to be “Heather”….I have never seen my name in print so many times (other than court documents…lol)! It just resonates so much more when what IS is presented…well, I don’t know…but I do know it is without “me, me, me, me”/Heather, Heather, Heather, Heather, in tone or word…if I presented that it was Heather, Heather, Heather, Heather in any way…well, then I failed miserably!!!! and I will kick my own ass and then you can all form a line from there…seriously.

    I know that you will sense the matter that I am having an uneasy feeling about, which I am so poorly trying to articulate here :( because my once-honed ability with words seems to be seriously failing me for the last 3 to 4 days…as new ways to communicate are starting to be remembered and implemented.

    Do you “see?”. Please assist me here…that is one thing you all can DO :) (I so hope there is no ass-kickin’ necessary at this moment, but I will bend over if it is due…lol).

    with absolute gratitude
    in absolute love

    …and then she didn’t sign off with her name… LOL! (so sweet)

  41. Has anyone done a full engine search on Heather. Interesting youtube video with a guy named clay. Her ucc & bond magic smells a little like tim turner (who may have tinkered to much) , winston shrout who is buds with keenan, jordan maxwell talks about law merchant law, maritime law, law of the sea vs law of the land, the search may show that heather is an atty and has filed some interesting docs in WA regarding courts and judges. It’s funny how everyone talks about ascension, which I understood to be spiritually and higher consciousness based, but the main focus and where everyones real energy is going is on money- the most mundane and the furthest thing from spirit or ascension and the belief that it is the answer to our problems. Kinda makes me think about what einstein said about solving problems. LOL. Cheers!

  42. I agree.. Let’s see, I have either eaten or colored with all the crayons and now finger nails are starting to show promise…. COME ON D, anyone.

  43. The work has to be done by the collective just as stated by lot’s of people above yet there are people arguing about this and that. I for myself am taking action with the information given from here and other sites. I prefer to do something instead of lurking in my couch. Then I can at least stand up and say I did this and that instead of only complaining.

    Now, with the TOPPT I believe we will get the tools necessary to carry out some heavy lifting.

    Freedom is at hand…


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