Jan 14 Update: RV Rumours and the Truth

This won’t be a long update because I’m waiting for confirmation of something, but I haven’t gotten it yet, so that sorta curtails a whole bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about.  (grrr)

There are a few things I wanted to address though.  The first one is about the St Germaine Trust applications that I wrote about HERE.   The Grant applications that Clayton Hanna has been processing are NOT for the St. Germaine Trust.  We were both misinformed.  The money for the Grants is being paid out of RV (Iraqi Dinar Revaluation) money.  Clayton explains the whole process and what is and has been done HERE and also explains the fact that St. Germaine Trust has nothing to do with Wanta or NESARA funds:

Contrary to an apparently common miss-conception, the funds from the World Trust and the Foundations which St. Germaine established 257 years ago are NOT behind this NESARA issue. They are completely independent and always have been. The NESARA funds were entirely created by a Supreme Court decision ratified and signed off by President Clinton after a very lengthy and costly series of court lawsuits brought against the UNITED STATES of Washington, DC which is a private corporation and is NOT in fact the legal federal government of the united States government and many of its agencies and branches; the Federal Reserve banking system which is also a private corporation that has nothing to do with the US Treasury; and many other banks, persons and organizations. After nearly 20 years of court battles the Supreme Court of the USA rules against all the defendants in these many lawsuits and awarded damages and awards to the many plaintiffs for all the money and assets stolen from the People of the USA. Those funds are completely separate and have nothing to do with the St. Germaine Trust or the World Trust whatsoever.

In addition the St. Germaine Trust and the World Trust funds have nothing to do with the Wanta-Mitterand-Regan Trust funds of $69 Trillion stolen by the same corrupt group who control the financial system of the western world and re-invested the Wanta-Mitterand-Regan Trust funds in oil futures, derivatives and many other hedge funds for the benefit of the cabal, NOT the People as they were intended. I was told the bank accounts holding these vast amounts have now been frozen and the cabal cannot get access to them. Eventually they will be disbursed to the People of the USA.

This grant program will now be 100% paid for by the Dinar currency re-evaluation, which has just been completed as a part of the Basle III agreement. These funds are thought to begin to be disbursed soon. Exactly when has not been announced as yet. There is a huge amount of speculation on this as over 5,000 humanitarian projects are to be funded by the completion of the dinar currency exchange expected to take place very soon as a result of the completion of the Dinar re-evaluation. However no firm date these funds will be released has been announced as yet.

Now, please notice something he said: “This grant program will now be 100% paid for by the Dinar currency re-evaluation, which has just been completed as a part of the Basel III agreement”

…. did that nab your attention?   I thought it might of.  Here’s the thing:  No, the RV isn’t “LIVE” yet- at least, it isn’t LIVE to the public.  But the banks are having a heyday trading it back and forth on the back executive screens (the VND as well)!!  So here’s the big question:  how can American banks be trading IQD back and forth- buying and selling- if Iraq is still under Chapter 7 Sanctions? hmmmmmm, well, they can’t, can they.  Yet they are.  Therefore Chapter 7 sanctions must have been lifted, and just kept quiet.  ”Why?” you might ask? Because before they can lift Chapter 7 sanctions the country must have an internationally tradeable currency- which means, they have to revalue the IQD BEFORE chapter 7 can be lifted. So they can’t announce that Iraq has had the sanctions removed, because then they’d have to RV the currency, and since the RV is tied to everything else with the launch of the new system, (which hasn’t happened yet) they can’t announce it.

So like I said- it’s NOT live.  No one is cashing out.  I’ve heard a multitude of rumours of this group leader and that group leader – they’re in the bank, they’ve cashed out,  yadda yadda yadda.  I will tell you this- to the absolute best of my knowledge NONE of them have cashed out for CASH.  SKRs (safe keeping receipts)- yes, Vouchers-maybe, CASH-no.  No one.  It ain’t happening.

None of these people are going to cash out PRE-RV. They will no doubt be first in the bank once it’s live, but they HAVE NOT CASHED OUT. Period.

Oh and on that topic, Studley said to tell you all that He has NOT cashed out, He has NOT gone to the bank, and NO, he’s not sending out “THE” email with the 1-800 for the group tonight, last night, saturday night or any other night last week.  When he get’s the info, he’ll send out the email, and he has NOT gotten the info yet, so please stop telling everyone the email is coming “In a few hours”.  He promised that he will let everyone know when it’s coming, until then, it’s all rumours.

This is just my opinion, based on a lot of intel and critical thinking:  We are not going to see anything happen until the announcements are made- the announcements that the Interim government is in power and that the new financial system was coming online along with the Basel III gold/asset backed currencies.  The people who are REALLY watching over and in charge of the money in these funds that are discussed in the article I published earlier today are NOT going to allow a single penny to be released until those announcements happen.  They are NOT going to allow even one ounce of gold fall into the hands of the Powers That Were. Not so much as a speck of gold dust.  Once those announcements happen- and they will very very soon- THEN EVERYTHING will go out all at once: PPs, RV, the St. Germaine Trust, the Collateral accounts… all of it.

The people that are really in charge of the money are long thinking in their planning, and the Cabal was too arrogant to realize that nor  understand that they never had any chance going up against these people. I’m hoping one day very soon to be able to release more information on this topic, but for now that will have to suffice.

The paid Shills can say whatever they want, the trolls can trollishly proclaim I’m a liar and cabal (that one always makes me giggle), and a paid disinformationist (which is hysterically funny because If I was a paid anything, then I’d be able to afford a computer with an “F” key and a “delete” button!!) (kids and cats are not a good combo around computers).  It doesn’t matter, because I’m not writing this for them.  I am writing what I know to the people who want to know what I know.  That’s it. You’re free to believe or not to believe, read or not read, discuss or not discuss. Your choice.

Oh, and one final little tid bit that I think most of you would want to know- and that is, who your interim VICE President is. I think almost everyone will be very pleased….

Here’s the thing.  When I was first told, I was sworn to secrecy.  Except that since then I’ve had at least 8 other intel people tell me this.  I figure if they all know, then you have a Right to know too.  So …. if I happen to give a few clues and if you’ guys just happen to guess who it is, then I didn’t tell you, Right?! ;>)

First clue, for the younger readers: a weasley boy

Second clue, for the older readers: If Peter and Mary were leaving on a jet plane, who would they take with them?

Big meetings all weekend long for the two interims and a lot of major players.  It all comes down to the final countdown.  The clock is ticking.

…. I’m pretty sure there was a few more things I wanted to talk about, but I keep getting distracted by calls and I’m damn tired so I think I’ll go collapse in a corner for a while.

Dinar RV Update: Scammers Everywhere!

Over the past few months I’ve been asked to give updates occasionally about “RV” process.  The most recent update is HERE.

If you are in the Studley/General64 group, then you received an email yesterday from KCMana.  I will C&P parts of the email update below as KCMana addresses several issues about subscribing to their email list that have obviously been a problem.

My friends:  I know that you are impatient for the “RV”.  I know that some of you have been invested for over 9 years!!!  I know that you’re frustrated and angry and desperate.  I know that desperation makes people act without truly thinking things through and occasionally makes people do things that they would never normally even consider and that it can fog your ability to think logically.  Please understand this:


There are absolutely NO legitimate groups that will ask you to send them your Dinar/Dong.  None.  If someone contacts you and tells you that they will get you a PRE-RV cashout, THEY ARE LYING.  If someone contacts you and tells you that they will get you $3.50, 4.95, 5.50, 9.00,  or any other amount of money if you send them your Dinar, THEY ARE LYING!!!  If anyone tells you that they are part of, or associated with, or attached to Studley or the Studley/General64 group and that you need to send them your dinar to cash in….. THEY. ARE. LYING!

There are NO “PRE” RV cashouts that are available to the general public, and no one from any super secret, high level, VIP group is going to contact you through a chat site, skype room, email group, or conference call to invite you to be a part of said group.  It is a lie and they are scamming you.  

If you send these groups your dinar/dong you might get your $3.50 per IQD (or whatever), but you won’t get it until AFTER the RV is live and you will be ripped off because that group you sent your dinar too will get the group rate and keep the difference- which will be substantial- meanwhile you could have exchanged your dinar and gotten the full rate for yourself.

Let me be very clear on this:  There Are NO PRE RV Cashouts/exchanges available to the public.  If you have sent IQD to a group for a “PRE” Global Currency Revaluation exchange, you will not get your money until POST RV

I have had many friends ask about this, and yes, I understand the idea that many people have – that to send a small amount to these groups, in the hopes of getting money faster/earlier is worth the loss of getting a much lower rate.  BUT there are no PRE rv cashouts, and you’re sending your money away for nothing, AND taking the risk of loosing it all in a scam.

Please my friends, think and act wisely.  


These are the highlights of KCMana’s email:

Happy Thanksgiving:

You are receiving this update because you are part of
Generals64/Studley Bank group email list. When the time comes we will
notify you via this system for IQD and VND private currency exchange
with Wells Fargo.

Please know if your hanging out in chat rooms thinking you can figure
out when this will happen your sorely mistaken! This is a Global Event
and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE will know WHEN this will happen.

For some reason dinar holders appear to be “easy” targets for the
“Scammers” We have been notified of yet another Scam. It appears that
our Canadian friends are being targeted to send their Dinar to an
individual we all know from the chat rooms, for an exchange. We would
like to suggest, that ANYONE asking you to send them your dinar is
playing you for a fool. We have covered this so many times, that it
really seems redundant. Let’s just leave it at… IF YOU MUST SEND

Please understand, Generals64/Studley group has a SMALL group that are
working on your behalf. NO ONE speaks for our group, we are capable of
speaking for ourselves. Our team: Generals64, Studley, Chief
Negotiator (who will never be on the boards), KCMana, 4th Time,
WileyMorgan, Live4thebrand, jimmymac, and we are working with Dinar
Wishes, BWM, AndieZ, KATT, and beachdreaming. If you notice we don’t
even speak for each other. So, if someone is telling you that they are
part of our team, because they are dating one of us, or because they
are working with us… THINK AGAIN! I am amazed how people will use
our names to gain credibility.

My main update today is: PLEASE hold on to your link at the bottom of
this email! This is a link to YOUR PERSONAL information. If you would
like to use a different email address or update your information you
will need to access that information at the LINK at the bottom of the

As we addressed last month…

Lets just go over a few things, again, that seem to be “re-occurring”
email requests: I would encourage you, before you send me an email to
please visit www.Generals64.info/board and see if you can find the
answer there. I no longer respond to these questions, the answers have
been sent numerous times and are available at the message board …

1) Changing your Personal Information – like an email address change
announcement- I don’t make these changes for you, you MUST do this for
yourself. SO at the bottom of this message is your “PERSONAL LINK”
(SAVE IT) this takes you to your information in the database.

You can “unsubscribe” (removes you from the group). You can alter your
information, (change your email address)

IMPORTANT: When you forward our updates to your friends and they click
on your link and type their information in… your WHIPPED off the
system. So that brings us to point 2

enough. Yes, I understand there are group leaders who forward the
emails to a few hundred (or more) people. That is fine… just REMOVE
your personal link at the bottom so that someone does not
unintentionally remove you from the system.

3) I have not heard from you… am I still on the list – The answer is
YES! If your receiving this email your on the list.

3. a) I have not heard from you… am I still on the list – The answer
can sometimes be… well… maybe….

Do you have a system that requires people who are sending you emails
to fill out a form for approval??? WE DON”T DO THAT! If I keep
receiving that request, I will delete that email address from the
system. Nothing personal, the group can not afford to have bounced
emails, because it slows us down.

Did you type in a VALID email address??? I am amazed at how many
people type their own email address wrong. So double check it, Please.

Is your email box full? I am always surprised at how many “bounced”
emails I will receive back that a mail box is full after I notice this
happen more than once, I will assume you no longer use this address
and delete you from the system. For more of these types of Q&A see our
message board at www.generals64.info/board (FAQ’s)

5) Yes your friends can still sign up for our updates. They need to go
to www.Generals64.info and click SUBSCRIBE. The system will send out
an automatic welcome email once you click on that link, your

AGAIN, I would highly suggest that you keep one of our updates or your
Welcome email, so that you always have access to your personal link.

We truly wish you a Fantastic Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with your
family and friends.

All the best,

KC Mana

Getting Rid of the Smoke: Update on details -IQD/VND currency exchange

Again I have been asked to write another update to clear up some of the confusion that is running rampant through on-line “dinar” communities, chat rooms and websites.  There has been so much smoke recently that the facts have been obscured to fairy-tale land proportions.

First off, there are no “codes”.  If you are part of a “cash-in” group, you will NOT be receiving a code.  This has been a cause of much confusion- even for myself- so I asked point blank and received confirmation that there are no “codes” for the IQD/VND group currency exchange.

Here is how it will go:

If you are a member of one of the official groups, ie: the Studley/General64 group, you will receive an email that will have a 1-800 number to call Wells Fargo to make an appointment.  That phone number you receive will identify which group you are part of.

Please note: the Studley/General64 group rate is ONLY  for Wells Fargo. 

Once you have the 1-800 number, you call to make an appointment.  There will be 1,100 Wells Fargo locations that will be part of the currency exchange. You MUST  make an appointment to exchange with the group(s).  You will not be allowed to saunter into your local WF to exchange for the group rate without an appointment. (unless you go golfing with your bank manager and have enough IQD to make him drool, then maybe you might be able to convince him to slip you in when no one’s looking….. but I wouldn’t bet on it)

When you show up at WF for your appointment you will be told what the exchange rate is.  The rate has been pre-set and you will not be negotiating your rate.  Once you have been informed of the rate of exchange, if you accept it, you will then be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

…Do not even THINK about trying to screw around with the NDA. It is iron clad and NOT negotiable!

Once you have signed your NDA, then you will begin negotiating your bank package.

Wells Fargo will keep a certain percentage of your funds for a set amount of time – most likely 6-12 months.  This is part of the negotiating that you will be able to do.  You will be able to negotiate the percentage WF will keep on restricted access, how long they will keep it restricted and what interest they will pay you on that total during that time. You will also be able to negotiate the banking package – the perks and fees, setting up trust funds, tax and legal help etc…

IF you choose NOT to do your exchange through a group, you will get the street rate.  The street rate (which won’t be chump change) will be available through the various IQD dealers and any bank that does foreign currency exchange and has chosen to participate in the IQD/VND exchange process.  BoA, Morgan Chase, 5th/3rd, Citibank, etc are NOT part of any official group exchanges that have been pre-negotiated.

As I said at the beginning of this article, smoke is being spewed so thick right now that I’m seriously considering getting a gas mask.  99% of the supposed news out of Iraq is smoke right now.  99% of the news in the mainstream media is smoke right now.  The various people in charge of things to do with the new financial system and the elusive “RV” are sending out smoke right now.  But the hints are there if you know where to look and how to read between the lines. 

….everything is where it’s suppose to be, all the papers are signed, all the people are standing around just waiting.

"Cashing In" your IQD and VND

We are right on the cusp- literally- of the RV happening.  No Jets landing, nor any 747′s, no ships docking, not ASN/AMN…..   We are right there.

I have  just a few things to say about the Global Currency Revaluation and I want to clear up some misconceptions and put to rest some ridiculous stories.

1-  If you are in the US register for The Studley/General 64′s bank package-  www.generals64.info  - you do NOT have to give out ultra private personal information, you do NOT have to list how much dinar you have.  Unless you happen to be holding 500 million IQD and know a Wells Fargo Executive personally, you will NOT get a better rate anywhere. 

2- Do NOT give your Dinar/Dong to anyone to cash in for you!  Seriously people! If someone tells you that they can get you $55 per Dinar, they are LYING!!!  I can guarantee that once this RV goes live, NO ONE will be getting $55 (any more)

3- None of the REAL exchange groups use Brokers, Escrow accounts,  group trust accounts or any sort of middle man. 

4- You MUST call to make an appointment- don’t wait in the parking lot all night hoping to get in first. This is not like buying concert tickets. You MUST MUST MUST have an appointment.

5- When you get your appointment, do NOT show up to the bank wearing a neon orange shirt that says “I’m a filthy rich Dinarian!”  That’s like wearing a sign that says “I’m a stupid redneck with a ridiculous amount of money and I have no idea what to do with it so please mug me!”

6. Along with the RV is coming huge changes to all aspects of the financial industry and global economy.  Do NOT invest money into any government or bank investments and stay out of the stock exchange for 3-6 months or until the financial world has settled down again.

REMEMBER: This is a currency exchange.  You get your email with your code and 1 800 number, you make an appointment, you go to the BANK, give them your IQD and/or VND, they verify that it’s legal currency, they take it and they hand you a deposit slip with your shiny new bank balance.  Once that’s done you can talk about trust funds and credit cards and all the fancy perks that your bank will now offer you.  But it’s still just a currency exchange.

 … and in closing:  On Your Marks…..  Get Set…..